Tuesday 22 November 2016; The Anti White Racist-Anti Heterosexual Discrimination Insanity At Unity Care Northwest Bellingham Washington, „Nurse“ Appointment On Monday 21 November 2016

The biological outcome of being a man is to become a married man to become one flesh with one’s wife and being a father

It is Jehovah God Himself who created the science of eugenics of His Nazi perfection of Holiness And Purity of Aryan biological men and God’s Nazi perfection of Holiness And Purity of The Natural Aryan biological women

Yesterday I had my first appointment at Unity Care Northwest here at Bellingham, Washington; the insanity of the anti white racist anti heterosexual discrimination commenced with the Judin Satan child of a bitch it „female.“ I was given an non sense of an application simply to be treated at Unity Care Northwest. First was the insanity question on a form about one’s „identity“ of „race“ where I wrote an explained of the science of eugenics because those brainless skull full of shit staff at Unity Care Northwest didn’t comprehend that Race in inherited as a result of one’s biological birth of the procreation of one’s parents. So I wrote „biological Aryan, biological ethnic German.“ Then the stupidity of classifying the American dialect as the „English“ language ;  where again I wrote on the form an explanation of the original language of the United Kingdom of Anglo Saxon and Anglo Saxon Language is still the current language of the United Kingdom. It is factual Anglo Saxon Language is the official language of the United Kingdom because in the Anglo Saxon Language all vowels are strongly pronounced as the pure vowel sounds and Anglo Saxon Language has much more vocal sounds of letters on one word, as the American dialect is the one which had the vowel shift as omission of the Anglo Saxon Language sounds of letters in a words, the isochrony and prounciation of the sounds are factually the German language itself!!! Anglo Saxon Language isn’t its own language; Anglo Saxon Language is a geographical language of the German language of which all European languages are actual the German language but are only purposely minimally different because of the self designation of geographical locations on Europe. I wrote on the form of the stupidity of the non existing language of „English;“ for „other language“ and space in which one may declare one’s language and I wrote „Anglo Saxon is the original language of the United Kingdom and Anglo Saxon is still the current language of the United Kingdom.“  In addition the American dialect syntax is verse in which leaves the American dialect syntax vague but depending of the usage of the American dialect syntax such as the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite in communicated in the American dialect is severely vague at times of when during those communications confusion is the result as if the speakers of the American dialect were speaking jiberish of a non existing language but I noticed a difference in the communication of the Aryans who communicates in the American dialect; specifically in songs, In which there isn’t any confusion but on the contrary because I now the specifics of the entire meaning of the songs I am able to sing additional words in Anglo Saxon Language in which helps to minimize addition words of lyrics but also gives more meaning to the lyrics of which are beinging communicated by the song as I had much fun discovering the difference in the Anglo Saxon Language and how Aryans utilize the American dialect by Isaac Slade’s song of „Singing Low.“ There are many songs sung in the American dialect of which I enjoy the challenge of the stressed breathing which is caused by singing in unison with the American dialect for me the stactched throat which results in the stressed breathing of singing with the American dialect, for me symbolizes an achievement of compabiblity of the Anglo Saxon Language and the proper usage of the American dialect by only Aryan are able to communicate in the American dialect in which communication is completely understood and in addition I know to further the meaning of the lyrics by the Anglo Saxon language of simple word more meanings and of fewer words. As minimally educated staff at the Unity Care Northwest; the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite are required by laws to have a general knowledge of the Aryan man’s protection his is biological organs to inpragnate a woman and yesterday; the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite demonstrated a simple lack of knowledge of the male genitalia in which its true purpose is to procreate with a woman in inpragnation of a man’s sperm of conception of the egg release by the woman’s ovum. The image of being a man isn’t „culturally“ it is for sex and predestined by Jehovah God. The insane stupidity of the deeply insulting question for Jehovah God’s Nazi perfection of Holiness And Purity of man was insulted by the question of „which gemder to you identify with.“ Which means the question isn’t about the biological purpose of either the male genitalia or the female genitalia but to the non existing reproductive systems of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites; they are the ones without reproductive organs and to compare Jehovah God’s Nazi perfection of Holiness And Purity of the Aryan man to that junk is a severeity of insult against Jehovah God Himself. I did explained the purpose of having male genitalia against that stupidity of the insanity of the intention of the question of „identity,“ identity means culturally and the male genitalia isn’t culturally existence but the predestined will of Jehovah God for his men children to biologically inpragnate a woman. „Gender equality“ never existed because the termology of „Gender equality“ is culturally and not based on the reality of the biological existence of one’s reproductive organs of either a biological man who has a penis, testicles, where Jehovah God forms the sperms, this factual science of the biological functions of the man and woman are for those non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite „staff“ who are severely cursed in very limited consciousness of which the general public of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite has a much better understanding of the biological functions of procreation in the Aryan race. The sperm in a biological man is released by sexual arousal for a biological woman, the purpose of the sperm to be released is to procreate and reproduce an other biological generation of Aryans. In procreation the man’s penis is incerted in the woman’s virgina passed up to the woman’s birth chamber and sexual thrusting or the physical fucking of a biological man with a biological woman. The man ejaculates of an orgasm which are spasm within the male genitalia where semen is released from biological man’s body and within the semen are millions of sperms. The Aryan woman is much biologically different in the woman has menstrual cycles of when a woman is physically able to noticed a pressure within the ovum of which the woman’s egg is ready to be released from the ovum, the woman does noticed the exact time of the releasement of the egg from the ovum and the releasement of the egg from the ovum isn’t the same ovum in each menstrual cycle. I once asked my mom a trick question in the education of the woman’s menstrual cycle of the menstrual bleeding at ruffly at the same time at the month because I wanted to comprehend the meaning of monthly in menstrual. My mom explained to me the menstrual cycle doesn’t occur on the same days of each month and there are rare occasions of which a cycle may be late, furthermore, after the rare occasion of a missed menstrual cycle the commencement of the menstrual cycle does then starts to reoccur during the same time of the month of previous menstrual cycle. My mom explained to me the stomach cramps of the menstrual cycle in which my mom explained to me a woman would have to be severely stupid to compare the stomach cramps of menstruation to any other stomach cramping including the digestive stomach cramps. The release of the egg from the body is released by bleeding and my mom did told me, she did felt when the egg dies, because I asked my mom, how do you prepared for the menstrual bleeding? Do you have to wear tampons all the time? My mom told me the tampons are only for urination or the leftover drips of urination and the actual menstrual bleeding is too much for a small sized tampon! My mom furthermore told me heavy menstrual bleeding can occur for several days or two weeks. My mom told me the sexual arousal is lessens for about two weeks.  During the times of menstrual bleeding is the time of bed rest in addition of heavy bleeding are menstrual stomach cramps and it affects the blood by low levels of iron in the blood. So for you non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites, now you should know the drastic difference in the biological of a man and a biological woman!!! I didn’t like the Judin it bitch „female“ of the Adelaide because Adelaide is satanically vain as the vainliness of the religious practicingner of the corrupt Jewish laws of Satan children. The anti white racist anti heterosexual discriminator of a „female“ it chink didn’t at all comprehend the Anglo Saxon Language nor the American dialect because I did told the chink it; I never had sex; plus because of the  chink not having knowledge in Anglo Saxon Language; the chink continued her non sense questions of not comprehending Anglo Saxon Language because I noticed it would be futile to explained to the chink the complexity of the state of being a heterosexual virgin man; because if the chink comprehended virginity, the insane chink wouldn’t asked me additional questions of „partners“ within three or another of how many „partners “ during  the last 6 months. In this usage „partners“ was used in describing a heterosexual relationship without marriage because the sexuality of „homosexuality“ doesn’t exist in addition sexuality is an explicit explanation of the sexuality of the biological procreation and heterosexuality is the only sexuality in the biological of a man and the biological procreation existence of a biological woman.