A „Classic“ Example Of The Difference In The Anglo Saxon Language And The Vagueness Of The American Dialect Of Completely Different Meaning Of „Why Do You WASH Yourself With VASELINE?“

The capitalized words has completely different meanings in the American dialect the usage of the word „wash“ means something else in the American dialect. Firstly I will write how I first responded to the question; at first, I comprehended the question of washing myself of vaseline as a biological clensing process as in bathing with soap, shampoo, water. I told the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist rat „man“ „I don’t wash myself with veseline.“ Then the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist rat „man“ tried to explain itself by its observations of what I did yesterday. The Judin hermphrodrite said he saw me washing myself with veseline, I do an occasion for dry skin or and sunblock to apply petroleum jelly; which I did yesterday. Still the sentence was still too vague to be understood for instance, in the American dialect what does „veseline“ mean as being combined with „why do you WASH?“ I tried to explain the improper usage and I explained to the Judin hermphrodite rat: soap is used to wash oneself and I did told the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist „I wash myself with soap, do you know what soap IS?“ Then the Judin hermphrodite rat stoped his question but if he would had any proper education, the Judin hermphrodite rat should had been taught of the definition of both of „wash“ and „soap.“ I then noticed hysteria of the intention of the question wasn’t about the actual bathing but of to apply petroleum on myself and I noticed the severe stupidity of the Judin hermphrodrite rats of not even comprehending the definition of „wash“ and it should have been asked, how is it that you need to apply petroleum jelly on yourself? However in the American dialect how was it possible for such a drastic change of the meaning of wash actually means to apply something on something else but depending on the vagueness to begin with, still with the knowledge of the different definition, there aren’t any dialectical rules and such is the authentic definition of a dialect, A dialect is basically another language of UNFORMED STRUCTURE  as compared to the original language, in this case the original language is Anglo Saxon of the United Kingdom.