Monday 21 November 2016: Not Educated „Nurse“ At Unity Care Of Which I Have An Appointment Today At 10:30 am

I do except insanity from the non educated, improperly liscensed „nurse“ of Abby at my appointment this morning at 10:30 am. One of the stupidity mal practice of the staff of herd mentality practices is, they only learn by treating non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, plainly stated, those staff don’t have authentic education degrees nor authentic liscenses to practice medicine; for instance, one most common mal practice of „nurses“ is pretending to have a medical doctor liscense and the „nurses“ pretend to have a medical doctorate degree. Abby is a registered „nurse“ which is limited in her actual work, a nurse doesn’t have the proper creditionals to set any diagnosis and the basic job details of a nurse is administrating medication of first legally required to be commenced by a M.D. or medical doctor. Mainly a registered nurse such as Abby is a social worker a individual who knows which should be the proper referrals of what is actually needed.