Saturday 19 November 2016; Instance Of Mirror Looking At One’s Anatomy Is Much Difficult Than Expected, Plus More Muscular Observations

Besides the obvious of better thrusting fucking to conceive a child, the muscular buttocks of sexual maturity of man, is biological of the much stronger emotional state of a man concerning the virgin man’s emotional sensitivity and physical sensitivity of the penis, the sensitive penis no longer bothers him and with the emotional strength arrives a sense of controllable enjoyable highly sexual arousal state of the physical which deeply effects one’s sense of consciousness but because one is now emotionally strong the main feeling is of being sexually matured and one becomes explicitly sexual in very manner

From my limited knowledge of the female, I do know the muscles around the female second brain does emotionally strengthen the female but it is impossible for me to know the specific because sexually men are women are very different, for instance, my mom explained to me a woman’s sexual pleasure besides to be filled by a man’s sperm, is to feel the open pressure of the virginal opening by a penis while having sex and for man two, the second sexual pleasure of the feel the internal vaginal tissue on the man’s second head

God Jehovah created perfection of the man’s body is very complexed, more so than I had expected and there is a sense of God’s seal of protection on the middle area between the buttocks muscles, because I had discovered specific structures of formations of the shape of the butt muscles which even text book science can’t explain!!! This morning I noticed more of a drastic transformation of my butt muscles being a combination of very soft tissue of the muscles themselves and with the combination of being muscular solid while did noticed the thickness of my musclar butt muscles and while I masturbate ruffly and my entire body is vibrating by the beats on my penis, I don’t noticed by butt muscles shaking which is strange in reference to the very soft tissues of the muscular buttocks muscles. I felt the middle area between the buttocks muscles and the muscles feels as if they are sagging on that area while standing or the elastic muscles of layers of muscular physical protection of which the anatomy is difficult to be plainly exposed as I had felt this but never noticed the reason, one’s clothing never become jammed against the empty space between the buttocks muscles not is the buttocks the area between the buttocks muscles are exposed while any other sort of movement which is exciting in how specific Jehovah God has created me with such detailes of perfection which is unexplainable and I should know this by simply the sensations of the physical experience of being. I praise Jehovah God for creating me with such uniqueness of his Nazi perfection, which testifies to me in how much Jehovah God loves me in creating me with such perfection of details and I am a living testimony of Jehovah God’s Nazi perfection in man of which by God’s Holy Ghost in my bodily holy and pure perfect body, I am a physical rebuke in a created physical being to rebuke the junk physical rat shit physical existence of the Judin rats and all the other non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite rats who are cursed by Jehovah God in the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite existence of being worthless physical shit physical existence of their bodies. In addition specific details of the area between the butt muscles are very complex in which to explain the formations would be comprehended as somewhat contradicting because it does seem unexplainable even to myself but which standing and touching myself while I am on the toilet there is a totally different structure of muscles between the area of the butt muscles and the butt muscles are very strong as if while standing, even to physically separate the buttocks muscles, one cannot do physically while standing and the area between the buttocks muscles feels significantly short in the length then while on the toilet. I wanted to confirmed the physical changes in my butt muscles in being very soft, so I compared the softness to the muscles on my upper leg and I noticed my butt muscles are considerably much softer as well as all of the muscles in my body except for the leg muscles. This past Thursday 17 November 2016; I finally got to see the majority of my visable body and I noticed much changed and I felt much pride in Jehovah God in making me so unique as I am Jehovah God’s own created very muscular super man, I noticed in how my muscles appears to be very physically and divinely strong and the strongness of my muscles reminds me of the verse „I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.“ It were the sight of all the muscles in my upper chest and the very strong and Jehovah God’s rebuke of very strong upper back muscles and my muscles appears and reminds me of mountain peaks of metallic razors!!!