Thursday 17 November 2016: Picture Of Man In Black Clothing, Near Egypt Latitude After 8 Am Around Mid Autumn 

The picture of a man laying outside on the ground, reminds me of myself, concerning the need of myself to have a minimal sense of sexual relief. This current time, is the only time in my life in where I need the privacy of my own bed in my bedroom and bathroom. Even though in this current time, it has been the time I have masturbated the most in a prolonged time, once a day, with a few days of a break, for over one month. Even with this type of masturbation in frequency, I don’t even feel sexually satisfied, I do feel in a constant state of highly sexual arousal; even while I am sleeping, I feel highly aroused, even for the majority of my dreams now are only feelings and not many imagery of the previous dreams I typically dream. The picture of the man in black, feels to me, as if I am not allowed any sexual relief but specifically in not having my own private area, where I may ejaculate on my bed for as long as can and until I become physical tired and then nap. The untucked shirt, reminds me of myself in where I don’t feel freedom to ejaculate.