Thursday 17 November 2016: Day Of Walking For Me

Today, I walked more than 6 miles round trip from the shelter to Bellingham Terminal near the Amtrak station. Tomorrow the terminal will have Christmas celebration activities, but as physically tired as I am at this exact moment, I am not going tomorrow at the Terminal, for the Christmas celebration activities. It was a fun day of exploration for me, I spent more than an hour at the Fairhaven neighborhood at Bellingham where the Terminal is located and Jehovah God blessed me in feeding me a lunch of which I was reminded of Jehovah God has always cared for His children in my situation I enjoyed the Old Testament blessing of manna, my lunch was fruit flavored vinegar and chocolate vinegar. One enjoyable memory memory was of my mom, especially since the corporate establishment was „vinegar tasting“ hinting of hard alcohol and I did tasted the vinegar in expecting the vinegar of being alcoholic vinegar, some of the vinegar did tasted awful but it wasn’t alcoholic. Also what was ironic of the entire wannabe alcoholic free tasting of vinegar was a termology my mom explained to me of the movie „Don’t Tell Mom The Baby Sitter’s Dead“ of the wording of „sweet or dry“ for liquor; today at the Vinegar tasting location, an employee stated the word „sweet“ for the vinegar but since the American dialect is naturally vague, without thinking of alcohol, I sensed I should be specific in the sweetness of fruit because the first vinegar I tasted was chocolate and shouldn’t chocolate had tasted sweet!? It was while I was walking of I was reminded of my mom, my mom explained to „sweet“ in alcoholic drinks meant liquor drink of ice cubes and „dry“ meant an alcoholic drink without ice cubes, my mom explained to me, some people don’t like alcohol that much and they allow the ice cubes to melt in the alcoholic drink, so the liquor taste wouldn’t be so strong, plus before I dranked the vinegar, I read the ingredients listed on the information of the vinegar and by law all ingredients should be disclosed. I learned of Christmas activities at the end of next week at Fairhaven, perhaps I shall attend those activities. I then walked from the Fairhaven neighborhood to Free Meyer which was another 3 miles at the minum of distance. I spent an hour at Fred Meyer and I was finally able finish the post of the prophecies written in the book of Job and Ephesians. After the hour expired, I then walked to Bellingham library, where I spent approximately an other hour of the simple but time consuming task of up loading pictures on my WordPress posts and I up loaded a few more pictures from the internet. I listened to a few songs at Bellingham library of the 45 minutes I had left at the library before I returned to the shelter for dinner.