Friday 18 November 2016: The Picture Of The Man In Black Clothing; Search The Internet For Solar Position In Relation To The Earth Based In The Length Of The Solar Day At Egypt And The Sun’s Angle In The Sky For This Time Of Year

California was very boring and my mom and I stayed in doors for most of the time there and we didn’t pay attention to the solar day, plus we didn’t had the curtains open constantly nor was our apartments were located in a space where the sun shined, so our apartments were always in the shadow of the sun. I do remember the sun’s strength of solar radiation was very strong at California at winter, similar to Chicago at January but at Chicago the heat of the sunshine is more noticeable because the wind chill and the temperature in the shade is cold but once in the sunshine it is hot enough to remove one’s winter clothing and start sweating just by walking and the sun’s heat as a 30′ degrees Wind chill while walking doesn’t cool one self down and the temperature of 30 degrees Wind chill with the summer like heat of the California summer makes Chicago really hot at times during the winter in January and that 70 degrees of San Francisco summer time heat was on a day when the maximum temperature at Chicago was around 46 degrees. The winter mornings are cold at Chicago but with no wind a windless morning is rare at the Pacific Northwest during the winter and unlike the Pacific Northwest the wind direction at Chicago great impacts the temperatures, a northerly wind at Chicago brings cold air but within a few hours the temperatures can warm drastically and stay warm from a southern wind. That day I spent exploring Chicago, the early afternoon was cold but sunny around 5 pm then after the concert ended at midnight, the temperature felt much warmer compared to the temperature at 5 pm and there was a mild southerly wind with clouds which was actually a dry warm front of record heat from Texas, while I was at Chicago, I saw the weather reports of record heat at Texas that January of 80’s temperatures and summer dew points, the last day at Chicago some of the Texas hear arrived at Chicago and the maximum temperature was 56 that day but it wasn’t any record warmth for Chicago for January, record warmth in Chicago in January are maximum temperatures of 70′. Because of over a decade of tv watching weather observations, I do know the wide spread of temperatures which are normal at Chicago during their winters and the Pacific Northwest is much colder than Chicago winter warmth for two factors, the solar radiation is very minimal to warm and constant low dew point temperatures for example, Chicago can get very humid during the winters with severe thunderstorms and flooding similar to their summer thunderstorms but because of the colder air mass behind the cold front of summer heat ahead of it, the colder air is what causes wide spread flooding to its region, where during a typical summer season thunderstorm day at Chicago one area may experience flooding and with several miles a location may be experiencing record heat with high humidity of which the locals at Chicago classified their „heat index“ of over „100 degrees.“