The Non Sense Of The „Homosexuality“ & Reality Of Heterosexual Men Reacting To Other Heterosexual Men Arousal 

It is very simple to explain this, as I already written a post of the two men of whom were in the physical positions of masturbating, I described the reaction of the Seattle newspaper cartoon of Alexander Lapin, a sort of non malicious trouble maker of whom joking is more noticeable or the joking of youthfulness of sexuality. The same feelings opply at the sight of Brandon Heath, especially the spinal cord sensation which does shakes the body from side to side, sometimes during an ejaculation, I am reminded of the funness of myself ejaculating and the realeas of sexual tension which feel wonderful during an ejaculation and after an ejaculation, so the mass gossiping of the non existing „homosexuality“ doesn’t make any sense in reality but a sort of ironic funnines as the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite has no cranial consciousness such talk of the non existing „homosexuality“ is a joke upon the dead minded senior non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite of their literally life less existence, who only talk as the seniors are demonic possessed.