Brandon’s Heath’s Video Of Jesus In Disguise; Helped Me To Realize The Physical Simplicity Of Having Sex With A Woman 

Besides my past experience since October 20, 2016, I was given more clues of having sex, the clue of which helped me  to noticed the simplicity of having sex was the talk of I having the largest penis in the world, combined with how Brandon Heath was positioned on the sofa, I pictured myself having sex with Katharina Schuttler and finally I understood the role playing of an example of a man having sex with a woman. I became very happy because what I knew about sex was confirmed except of the knowledge of not knowing the exact physical positions of having sex. It was the video of which was again a blessing from Jehovah God because of, now with both of the knowledge of knowing the precise physical positions of having sex and the detailed wild sex imagery of having sex with Katharina Schuttler; I had developed a relationship with Katharina Schuttler as I do feel sexually married with her and at times, I deeply miss her as to feel incomplete, in many forms. I do sense of kind of death but not suicidal, it appears to be a mixture of the miscarriage of love and the geographical separation feel deadly for me. My favorite song to listen to, to comfort myself by these deadly geographic separated feeling are Tenth Avenue North „Control“  and S4N „Rein,“ I love the song Rein because it does actually reminds me of authentic worshiping of Jehovah God in Heaven and when in Heaven by the song, I am reminded of the future spiritual one consciousness among God’s children as we will in unison and automatically worship God in complete perfection in the oneness in Nazism. For me, it already does feel as the entire Aryan race is deeply in worship for God in the 2:30 part of the song of „Rein“and I do know the song is heard through the entire Universe and knowing that deeply excites me in reverence of the holiness of the unity of worship to Jehovah God.