Wednesday 16 November 2016: For The First Time In My Life I Felt Extreme Dissatisfaction After I Ejaculated

This morning at Fred Meyer, near downtown Bellingham, Washington, I masturbated for the majority time while I was masturbating I felt sexual arousal but disappointment feeling was stronger until I then imagined Katharina Schuttler in the green blouse and felt the sexual arousal of wild sex, thus lead me to ejaculate. Within minutes of ejaculating, I  felt disappointed as if I didn’t ejaculated at the first place, with the one minute, and I felt very sexual desperate  (the non mankind inferior degenerate ermphrodite senior in nursing home who has access to the outdoor audio system rumored about walking outside naked as a form of sexual desperation, ha, ha,ha) For me being very sexually desperate feels as if I am required to aimlessly wander around Bellingham. I was actually planing to walk to the Amtrak station at Bellingham and other locations in Bellingham and I noticed I don’t really needed to actually visit those locations and I was wondering the reason of aimlessly wandering around. I noticed the requirement of the need of aimlessly wonder around Bellingham after I touched my buttocks and I had a deep feeling of confirmation as if the message of YOU WILL BE A FATHER, and as if the bone muscles of your buttocks is direct evidence of what you need to know of how you are maturing as a biological father, then it was by this realisation of I noticed the required need to aimlessly wandering around is a deep need to conceive an egg.