Tuesday 15 November 2016; Judin „Man“ Medicine Prescriber Went Insane By New Knowledge Of Basic Facts Of Medicine 

Here at America, my sleep routine is based on the United Kingdom time but I do sleep at least 8 hours at day, I only take medicine for insomnia because often, I do awake during the night. The Judin „man“ prescriber went insane by the newly given knowledge of the medicine, I specifically take, since it was the first time the Judin „man“ medicine prescriber was given simple knowledge of Aryan medicine which resulted in a psychotic insane disorder by the Judin „man“ medicine prescriber. The Judin „man“ prescriber lied about the ER at the hostipal couldn’t refill my medicine and the Judin „man“ reacted to me if I knew everything at Bellingham concerning all medical profession locations and all doctors in Bellingham in which I responded to the Judin „man,“ sarcastically as the insanity thinking of the Judin „man.“ Yesterday was interesting in about learning about the mestizin satan children, of which, I interacted directly by my own will for the first time in my life; for some years now I had wondered whether mestizin were able to communicate with a person who spoke Castilian verses the mestizin dialect but I wanted a actual situation of where such communication is not possible because I knew if I couldn’t comprehend the mestizin dialect than the mestizin can’t comprehend the Castilian language and yesterday, I finally had an actual confirmation of communication from the mestizin junk rats of I were to speak to them in Castilian, we wouldn’t be able to communicate at all. The difference between the Castilian language and the mestizin dialect is so drastic in which is communication was nessesary, the little knowledge of the American dialect by the mestizin would be only a basic form of communication. The interaction by the mestizin junk rats during yesterday started with an insane anti white racist mestizin bitch staff from Seamar medical center, of which the mestizin bitch lack of knowledge of the Anglo Saxon made the mestizin bitch as if comprehension between the mestizin bitch and I would be more compadible by the communication of talking in the mestizin dialect. Especially here at Bellingham, I had experienced inporpotionate situations of many non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite who are taught in the American dialect of which such conversation with the Judin it rats leads to confusion of what is being communicated by the Judin rats to me of which conversations are of complexities, but I do understand basic American dialect in usage of greetings and very basic conversations. Whoever the Judin Rats become very insecure upon hearing the Anglo Saxon language and at many situation the drastic difference in the Anglo Saxon language and American dialect speakers leads the American dialect speakers of communicating the American dialect is the formal form of the Anglo Saxon language but the majority of times, the Anglo Saxon language is emotionally treated by the Judin Rats as a completely uncomprehendable Germanic language. The insanity of the mestizin bitch was expressed by an non existing language of „Spanish,“ the Mestizin bitch asked me if I knew „know Spanish“ by which I responded to the Mestizin bitch „no, I don’t know the mestizin dialect.“ Because the mestizin dialect couldn’t communicate to me in her American dialect, the mestizin bitch left and Judin rat staff then communicated to me in their American dialect of which because I don’t understand the American dialect in form of the complexity of conversation, I had to asked the Judin rat American dialect speakers very simple questions of medicine services such as the question of a medical center during the conversation of a Judin rat „female“ it was described as a medical center system such as the hostipals at Seattle of Swedish medical center, the University of Washington medical centers, at numerous locations spread out geographically around Seattle and the simple question I asked the Judin rat American dialect speaker was if the medical center was „located at the same geographical location.“ I then spoke to a mestizin rat „man“ and I asked the mestizin rat „man,“ „comprehendeis la idioma Castillna?“ The mestizin rat „man“ reply „Castillno, no.“ I noticed it was the mestizin rat „man“ first time of hearing the Castilian word „comprehendeis.“