What I Know Of The Future Anti Christ By His Satan Children Of The Sign Of The Beast On The Judin Hermphrodites‘ Seats

In the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke the satan children of the Judin „men“

It was my mom who first started the Biblical based training of the anti Christ, when I was a child at Hollister, but first I was taught of Sodom and Gomorrah. At that age my mom taught me vaguely of the practices which occurred during the event of Sodom and Gomorrah, it wasn’t until the 1990’s, my mom told me more details, specifically the mid 1990’s of the television hysteria of HIV and AIDS, at that time, I didn’t comprehended the psychology of the insanity of the sadomaschmism but my mom explained the fesces contain deadly bacteria, my mom explained to me because of the lethal bacteria mixed with semen, that is how AIDS started, my mom was strict in teaching me the importance of the lethal bacteria of the fesces, „homosexual“ was never recognized as a sexuality for me. First at Hollister, the basic information is don’t let anyone touch me, male nor female, and only touching in vague child like termology was simply described to me. It may be surprising in this sadomaschmist obsessed degenerate society but my mom taught warned me more of girl molestation on me such as my mom told me never be alone with a girl, my mom told me of an event about a girl who fell on rocks and injured her virgina and the girl told her mom and the boy got in trouble by false information of the girl. My mom explained to me how a girl tricked a boy to see his mucus of his penis, but I didn’t understood the situation of my mom described, I  thought perhaps the boy had some illness. In the Bay Area my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun and my mom taught me of the death to be caused sadomaschmist activities, my mom explained much fecal matter and the death of the individual from the deadly damage of the hellhole. It was in Seattle, where, I finally, comprehended the psychological insanity of the sadomaschmists, because it was at Seattle, where, I noticed the scriptures of knowing in the sexual sense of angels at Sodom and Gomorrah, my mom explained to me, if the men wanted to have sex, the men would had taken the offer of the daughters to be used for sex instead of the angels; my mom explained to me the men didn’t feel anything sexual for the angels but the men were angered at God and the men wanted to insult God by abusing the angels. Then, because of what was taught of me, during my childhood and my adult years with my mom, by reasonable detection, I instantly knew the satanic nature of the Judin hermphrodite rat „men“ especially the demonic satan sign of the beast on the seat of the Judin „man“ and now, I totally am avoiding the Judin „men“ and thank God he prorected me from a similar trick of the Judin „man“ serpent in the book of Genesis and God did revealed tricks by the sadomaschmist Judin „men“ of „talking“ to people at a Bar which has free WiFi and more clues of when I read a news paper reports of „gay“ prostitution, I was reminded of the teachings of my mom of those sadomaschmists Judin „men“ trickers and  eventually I noticed the same sadomaschmist insults, of where I saw a little of the sign of the beast of the Judin „men“ of which I noticed God’s protection of me, because if I wasn’t warned throughout my life, I would had been completely vague about  the Judin „men“ danger of their sadomaschmists tricks, it may had been possible of the trick of the bar, because I would had comprehend no threats of the Judin „men.“ That is why it is important to eventually, in some manner to learn of the sign of the beast, because of one’s innocent, it would be easy to be tricked.