Tuesday 15 November 2016: I Sense Another Strict Rebuke Against The Judin „Men“ Sign Of The Beast; As I Sense Strict Presdestintion To View The Empty Space In Between My Butt Muscles, In Addition To Viewing How In Perfect Holiness I Am Physically Formed By Jehovah God, Because Of My Innocent God Will Instruct Me By His Own Will For Myself 

I do sense the super man sexual arousal of frustration but I sense from God, that it is more of a spiritual importance, by two factors, to view (yet to be determined, because touching can be more detailed that to actually see) the empty space between the buttocks, in order to „see“ how perfect I am physical formed by God but eventually to rebuke the Judin „men“ of their sign of the beast on the seat, but I sense the actual viewing is for a yet to be determined time, of at this time, I don’t sense a specific time, the feeling of God’s Predestination. This morning, I was able to ejaculate in larger quantities compared to the cloud like appearing semen. I noticed one significant factor of comparison of the sexual arousal which, now leads to ejaculation, it does involved deeply in romantic love; it is deep romantic love which triggers the deeply frustrating sexual arousal of urgency of the metaphor of Get Of Of My Way Life Has To Be Released. It was the song by Sleeping At Last, release on November 3, 2016; which sort of rebuked, a cloud like state of consciousness, as a result of the nervous breakdown of which I had experienced of last week. 

At this point of my physical development in order to procreate, the man pictured is more similar in sexual appearance of that of myself and in addition of a similar youth like sexual arousal of God’s natural laws for us to feel physically rushed to conceive the egg of a woman and the happiness one feels with this specific type of sexual arousal. In addition of my current physical stage of sexual development for the specifically to procreate, the man’s buttocks is exactly as mine
The man on the right side of the picture with the muscular legs as of today at this morning I learned the butt muscles in depth of comparison to the open space in between the butt muscles is considerably less thickness of depth

I like this picture of the man because at his stage at his sexual development and I know once I become a father, I too will have a butt as he does and because of the fertile appearance of his buttocks, I sense joy for my own future of finally being a father, specifically since literally all the hardships I experience recently (specifically) but also because of the attempt genocide upon the Aryans, I had witnessed of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmists since the 1980’s through this current year of 2016
A picture of my biological grandson named Paul Razcon , Paul will always be my baby and even as a man in biological years and in maturity I will teach him how important he is for me and I will continue to call Paul Razcon „My baby“ forever!
O my baby, be my baby, I look after you and I look after you!!! Pictured is my Grandson Paul Razcon who will be conceive in the year 2065
In this year of 2016; the Hitler Youth Is To Represent The Virginity Of Aryan Supremacist heterosexual Men