This Is How I Feel About Having The Biggest Penis In The World 

The sign of Jehovah God is the swastika, which is spiritual placed on the male genitalia

It is the physical separation from my racial brothers which makes the reality of having a large penis as to sense, a sort of being alone, and at times, within the last hours, the lonliness felt as if I couldn’t comprehend my racial brothers, but even during those moments, I haven’t lost the consciousness connection with my racial brothers of the „Borg“ connection  (something I enjoy to joke about). At the limited in duration of times, of when, I sense a disappointed lonliness, I am reminded of the YouTube video of my  Aryan brothers and the pictures, I have of my Aryan brothers of which, I am reminded of the deep emotional consciousness connection to which the larger size penis of myself isn’t a factor of relating in the biological because we are still much biologically similar of being men in the Aryan species. However I noticed the unique biological DNA connection to the first Adam and my baby friend connection to Jehovah God of his unique created child man baby.