How To Masturbate To Feel As If The Second Man’s Head In Being Thrust In A Woman’s Birth Chamber 

I finally discovered how to masturbate in a manner of feeling pressure on the second man’s head, is the manner in how the man is holding his two arms, one first pulls down the foreskin and one doesn’t have to touch the second man’s head to eventually ejaculate. One grips the lower half of one’s penis with three fingers, on each side of the penis and the thumps underneath from the fingers are located on the top facing side in view of one’s vision and one simple moves the foreskin on the bottom half of the penis and the pulling of the foreskin thrusts the penis and in addition one does feel pressure on the second man’s head as if one can feel the pressure of actually having sex in a woman’s birth chamber. It is important not to squeeze tightly, especially on the tube in the penis where the semen is ejaculated from and eventually I will be able to complete the entire pressure points of feeling as if having sex. This thrusting time of masturbation combined with the entire muscular pressure of the second brain part of the body, which is half of the entire spinal cord and the entire body, because all of the muscles in the body are connected to the muscles located at the second brain of man

Here is an example of how one does lose a little of their consciousness by the imagery of having sex and the extreme sexual pleasure on the penis, I can’t really memorize simple details, such as memorizing the penis, because I did hold my penis as the picture and the first time I tried to masturbate, I tried three fingers but know I discovered I can masturbate with the four fingers and the thumps.

I finally comprehend the cycle of grief of miscarriage of love, by seeing the men symbolically masturbating, I noticed sadness because of my age of 36, and this is the first time, I had youthful teenage fun, sort of the joke I like to make of the Stranger cartoon of Alexander Lapin.