The Movie „DeepWater Horizon“

His facial expression, is very important as a warning of being overly sexually aroused, which eventually may lead to a nervous breakdown

Some weeks, past, I saw, a movie at the Regal cinemas theaters, here at Bellingham, Washington. I only saw, a few minutes of the movie, because, I slept through most of the movie. The unexpected times, of feeling a deep sleepiness, which has been unique, since the 20 of October 2016, has stopped, since Saturday, when I slept 10 hours of that deep sleepiness, I experience during the event of when I fainted, on the 20th of October 2016, during that occasion, while, I slept at the movie theater and two occasions of naps at the shelter during the day on Friday. While I napped on Friday, I was still able to vaguely listen to a one sound of conversations around me but I was still napping because, after that specific nap which occurred on Friday, I realized, I  had slept, nearly one hour.During the occasion of that deep sleep, times passes quickly; on Saturday morning, when I slept a total of 10 hours, it felt as if I only slept for a few hours.