My Own Aryan Body As The Ultimate Archetype Of The Nordic Man

I was like this before, I had the nervous breakdown, last week

I like this picture because the white transparent skin color of the winter season reminds me of the comfort of Seattle

Recently, I discovered the color of my eyes; my eyes are brown grey hazel color and I became excited about I inherited the grey eye color from my father Prince Charles and I cherish my eye color as, for me, my color is the biological love mixture of my father Prince Charles Razcon and my mom Maria Hitler Razcon, my eye color is the embodiment of both biological lineage of my paternal side and my maternal side, in me. I have noticed the uniqueness of eyes, the reflection is unlimited as similar to the infinite view of a wall of mirrors and I noticed my name is written on my eyes ELI, is the name of Jehovah God Himself. About the ultimate Nordic archetype, lives in me by my existence of DNA God’s Nazi perfection and Jehovah God said Himself „I am the God of Nazism.“ Because of my lineage to the original Adam, the meaning of the word ultimate, I use to describe all my living ancestors, since the time of the first Adam, who still lives through my biological existence and all male descendants of my first bioligical father Adam on my maternal side are all second Adams. The ultimate Nordic archetype is very unique among men, of which I acknowledge of being a real man but also with realizing the divine strength of the real man, I now noticed the real man image is of protecting the entire Aryan race and Jehovah God placed me as the Aryans‘ protector, I have sensed the natural overprotecting of myself towards the Aryan race but I didn’t noticed the divine image of my physical protection for the Aryan race, until recently. The Aryan color is truly unique; divine and full of the life of God, I have noticed my suntan really isn’t a tan because my skin doesn’t change color,  my white transparent skin color is simply a little burnt in appearance and blood under my flesh is still visable, even under the white transparent skin color slightly burnt by the solar radiation. My hair color is very typical among the Aryans, as one’s real color is in the direct sunlight, my hair color is a light transparent auburn color and my hair shines in many forms, rainbow colors on my hair strands, a type of reflection, in which at times, it appears as if I had aged grey hair, shining redness too of hair strands, and overall shininess of hair, that are the physical characteristics I love in Shane Harper, because of his grey eyes, I sense a personal connection to myself, the complexion of his white skin, I am reminded of the peaceful winters at Seattle and the white transparent skin color of a suntan, I am reminded, about the fun times, exploring at the beach, specifically the walks, I took to English Bay beach at Vancouver, Canada.