For My Loving Very Sexy Brother Brandon Heath; Here Is The Answer To Your Question 

I was asked by my new found knowledge, specifically, in comprehending the sexual termology of upper head, in differance of the upper head being, the actual head, where the brain is located, and in reference, to the spatial distance of the penis as another head of the second brain, that is how, I was able to term the lower man of the second brain because written in the book Lebensbiler is „upper man,“ which I knew were termology of the cranial head and the difference of the sexual head of the lower man. At first, eventually, after the October 20, 2016, sexual event, I noticed my penis became permanent larger but it was as an embedded code from Brandon Heath of the statement of my butt of where the butt line was located by the butt muscles of „it’s flat“ to where, when I saw the picture of the German man with the fertile butt of a biological father, was, I  able to instantly use reasonable detection, to remember the picture of my mom in her blue dress and finally comprehend the commencement of my own muscular buttocks. A day after the sexual nervous breakdown, I had extreme pain throughout my body, starting with my penis and it was an extreme pain, where at time, I had to softly yell with pain, but emotionally, the severe pain wasn’t a shock because emotional I became much stronger emotionally due to two events; the masturbation event of October 20, 2016, after which I fainted and napped for a few hours and I became emotionally stronger after the nervous breakdown, I had a few days ago. During the next day, if I had my own bed, I would had spent most of the day in bed, resting from the pain I felt in my entire body, and I would be watching relaxing to tv movies. The pain in and on my penis was severe enough to where, I couldn’t move at all because of the increasing pain caused by any slight movement, even to sit was noticeably more painful and because of no other available option, and since, I natural felt to lie and rest, it made sense to me, to simply stand, since basically, it is the same is I were resting in bed, in the manner of being still and miminal amount of physical natural touching on my penis by movement of walking or sitting. The standing helped a little to, where I felt comfortable with minimal amount of pain and by this example, I learned, if I don’t have access to a bed, and if I had an occurance of the paralyzing pain of in my on my penis, to be standing still, will eventually end the pain. Now, it is very naturally simple for me to ejaculate, although the semen isn’t one inch in quantity after an ejaculation but during these few days, I have been ejaculating and I do know, even with the amount of semen which is ejaculated, I do know I am still fertile and the sperm which is released during these days can conceived a woman’s egg. Yesterday, I am starting to sexually enjoy the ejaculation of ejaculating very easily and in addition of the cloud appearing semen, I ejaculated a few drops of solid semen, yesterday, only within a few seconds of masturbating. In explaining the pain, I felt during that one day, this past Friday; I will now write the rest of the pain on the other body parts and the size difference, I noticed as a result of the pain. On Friday, during the extreme pain, I felt on the man’s second body, the pain traveled first to my upper leg muscles and my entire back; the pain in the back muscles felt as very tightening scaring type of pain, the pain in the muscles in my upper leg felt tighting, too, but what was noticeable in the pain in my upper legs, were a pressure enlargement pain, and I noticed by touching my upper leg muscles, in fact, within the time of the severe pain in my upper muscles, the leg muscles become more solid and enlarged.