God’s Natural Laws Of The Aryan Man’s Anatomy, The Last Point Of Digestion Of Food: Required Education Of The Unknown Sexual Positions Of Precise Sexual Thrusting By A Woman On A Man

The left eye of Isaac Slade is the resemblance of the man’s anatomy of the last point of digestion, expect the anatomy itself, is more of a shape of an esaphoguss because of the exact sensations of ingesting food and the exiting of food through the anatomy, because of the incapable to the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite, a man’s anatomy isn’t scientifically classified as „anus“ because man is Aryan and only Aryans are human, and based on the scientific knowledge I have anatomy is best to describe the exiting point of food digestion because the entire food digestion does include the entire body, from actually eating, do you know the purpose of eating food!? To sustain the entire body and to maintain the complete good health of the body! Therefore, because of the lack of nutrients of ingesting foods of the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite, the word „anus“ is proper for their hellhole, because their entire biological anatomy is cursed by God and therefore, the many diseases caused by God’s curse on the non mankind inferior degenerate Hermphrodite to natural results in a faster death by natural mal nourishment

I am reminded of God’s natural laws for the Aryan man are of perfection, holiness, and purity. This post, I will explicitly  (original meaning of the word) „plus citation“ or specifically describe, the man’s anatomy, for God to rebuke the insane non sense of the demonic existence of the Judin „man“ to be placed on the holiness perfection of the Aryan man, which is a severeity against God, in whom such insane comparison has God to become wrathful. The man is always clean, I have witnessed this myself, as there were days, in which I haven’t washed myself with soap and toilet paper, when I was at Vancouver, Canada. The non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite obsession for the Aryan man to learn of his buttocks is non sense, in reference to actually looking at one self, because of the difficulty of the mirror angle in comparison to one’s self and in taking self pictures from one’s camera is very difficult in discovering the position in order of a self picture! Plus, there is a strong sense of reverence of God’s holiness of oneself of not looking at oneself, referring, to the buttocks, because one does not yet comprehend the God created holiness of one’s buttocks and its entire function of the entire muscular body system, because of God’s natural laws, to look at one’s buttocks, one has to comprehend its total function from the actual act of procreating and in how, the buttocks muscles actually controls most of the muscles of the body as a trigger effect, so, as I had explained the complexity of simply looking at one’s buttocks, it is God who instructs one and God has done so today, in order of overcoming the reality of a real heterosexual couple, if the man was rushed to have a sexual relationship by his own sexual desire but not yet physical ready nor emotionally ready as indeed a nervous breakdown can occur for the man, thus education of the entire man is necessary in both to recognize the complete biological functions such as the thrusting and the exact shape of the buttocks in order to eventually discover in which specific position was the woman fit on the man while the thrusting of sex, because simply by imaging the pain of a sensitive lower man’s head of the second brain in combination of not knowing the specific positions of thrusting are enough to cause one to have a nervous breakdown.

A common emotional reaction before the likelihood of a nervous breakdown by extreme sexual arousal with insufficient knowledge of sexual intercourse
In God’s natural laws, a man is required to masturbate if not, he will have no knowledge of sex, while masturbating, this is a likely expression of sexual frustration
The expression of sexual frustration is combined with extreme sexual pleasure, as the sexual expression of the man in the black shirt, the combination of both sexual frustration and the extreme sexual arousal causes what is termed the super man physical state of sexual arousal
The state of a nervous breakdown caused by insufficient knowledge of the entire sex intercourse process

The man’s buttocks are similar to every muscles on his body, in which, mirror watching is impossible, for the elastic parts of the man’s anatomy in between the butt muscles and to such offense it is as the man would have a non existing buttocks of the Judin Hermphrodite „man“ has, to compare the man’s anatomy area to the cursed demonic satanic possessed parts of the Judin Hermphrodite „man“ butt

At a later, near term time, I will explicitly describe the man’s buttocks in order to rebuke the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite but also, in the required education, I will obtain, in picturing, in order of the woman to man sexual positions; will be much clearer.

I examine myself, to obtain knowledge of my buttocks, since I knew, the buttocks were insential for the second brain to develop to which the fully developed second brain developes the cranial brain, in the eventuality of pleasurable sex with the pain of the penis. The mirror junk is incapable for obviously reasons but God instructed me to realise the eventuality of the fully developed second brain as the fertile biological father buttocks. I was completely clothed, which is a surprised to the Judin hermphrodite rats; because since, the Judin hermphrodrite doesn’t understand their own existence and spend their spare time in emotional regression in an insane obsessed sadomaschmist fixation for non existing reasons but for their own insanity, it is rumored the Judin hermphrodite rats, spend their entire free time in emotional regression in observing their „anus“ or their demonic possession sign of the beast, as it the truth of the Judin hermphrodite rat „men“ of their hellholes. I bumbed into the corner of a plastic trash apparatus on the left side of my butt muscle and I noticed the coincidence wasn’t a coincidence but God was instructing me, to become aware of the entire developing of the second brain by a noticed a much difference of my butt muscles from today and from the day, when Brandon Heath told me, I had a flat butt. The reference to the butt muscles development was the fertile buttocks of the biological father, pictured in a 1930’s Third German Reich picture. I noticed the shape of the muscles in my buttocks of more defined in shape, similar to the man of the picture of a flare, I felt the muscles below the butt muscles themselves, which runs as a wrap in as wrapping paper, from the lower outer thighs, below the male genitalia,extending sharply to sides of the body, to the right and the left, then the muscles strain runs directly into the butt muscles. The middle of the butt where the line is located has changed to, but the sides of the butt muscles are more noticeable in change, the area of the butt line has changed drastically in how, it is noticeable curved, the lower part of the butt line area is now sharply curved in a circle from the direction of the legs, and I noticed another curved part of my butt line area of the beginning of the buttocks themselves but the side muscles now extends further up the back and now I noticed the side butt muscles are connected to all the muscles of the back, even to the muscles of the neck because at that moment, I noticed a strain in my left side muscles of my butt and I felt a similar feeling of tingling of release of muscles which traveled to the left side of the muscles in my neck; it was then, I realized the complexity of the entire butt muscles effects all the muscles of the body, which further illustrates the true meaning of „second“ brain of the man’s reproduction system. The picture of the man pictured in Riefenstahl picture is how my own buttocks are now formed but not so large as his yet, the line of cloth as similar to a ridge on the lower right side, below the actual butt muscles, are the muscles I now can feel, too, exactly the same as the man pictured in the Reifenstal picture. Unlike the brainless Judin hermphrodite rats its, specifically the Judin „men,“ it is not required of me to know of my appearance of the area in between the butt muscles; as your pathetic demonic possessed consciousness can’t even comprehend your own sign of the beast, which is your father Satan’s symbol on the useless flesh of your definition of your own „butt,“ you Judin „men“ don’t have „butts“ not the anatomy of the digestion because need I need to remind you what is digestion, digestion is the intake of food of which you Judin „men“ don’t even digest food, remember in digestion, it is defined as the intake of nutrients from food, you Judin „men“ are cursed by God, for the only „nutrions“ which are minimal in your cursed in your digestion, is the simple intake of sugar, which then to fat, and thank God, for your cursed „digestion“ will end your lives sooner than you Judin „men“ can possibly comprehend, by your pathetic demonic possessed consciousness, you Judin „men“ have. For you non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist who futile attempts to silence me by your pathetic demonic possessed psychotic lies of YOUR OWN LIVING CORPSE in deep disrespect of the image of The Aryan man, Jehovah God rebuke you by this verse of the body of the Aryan man „and ye put on the new man which after God is created IN RIGHTEOUS and TRUE HOLINESS.“ I will write explicitly is everything of my anatomy based on the Bible of God’s Word as God has given me permission to disclose such information as what God has already disclosed in the book of Job chapter 40 verse 12. „I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportions.“ With that being stated, I already disclosed the majority of my anatomy of the digestion. It is correct about the line between the buttocks muscles of while, I walk, I do feel movements elastic flesh of muscles of the butt muscles walls; I noticed my butt line is squeezed by the pressure of the butt muscles; for this facts; the Judin „men“ will commit suicide by their envy caused by the consciousness of their demonic possessed corpse! By reasonable detection, as the redness of blood is visable through all my flesh, so, too, is blood visable through the flesh on the exit anatomy and the elastic flesh between the butt muscles, on the walls on the butt muscles are sparatic fine hair and if you non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist don’t comprehend the meaning of „fine“ fine means, I don’t feel the hair on the walls of the butt muscles except when I clean myself. In reference of the picture of the man, who has extended arms, though the stomach muscles are still visable, my butt muscles are always in flux in being masses of muscles and when I clean myself on the toilet, specifically the butt muscles, I sense the severeity of strength, which I sense, is the strictness of divine strength Jehovah God has given me as a living embodiment to rebuke the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, especially to rebuke the Judin „men“ of their sign of their father Satan on the bottom of the useless flesh of the Judin mens’seats! The anatomy itself isn’t sensitive as only miminal as the inner ear and the fully digested food is exited as mush, only to be clean similarly to cleaning of ear wax of the inner ear, cleaning the fully digested food of food wax, can be difficult only for the stupidity of ruff toilet paper which doesn’t cause much pain, but the texture of the ruff toilet paper doesn’t obsorbe the food wax and at very rare occurance, minimal of bleeding with only slightly physical irritation, cuts of sand paper is an exaggeration because only the irritation not pain, therefore at the rare occasion of tiny drops of blood, it is disportionate to the pain on the anatomy; what is more burdensome, is what feels to be an endless amount of unnessarily of time for the simple task of cleaning food wax. Because of the severeity of anti white racist discrimination, anti heterosexual discrimination, I can’t get a primary doctor and I have to go to the ER again, for medicine refill the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite staff employees are even educated in medicine at the hospital, the insensitive unknowable staff are doggy trained in simple tasks of repetition of „medicine“ by the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite dog train staff at the hospital, in addition, of the dog trained staff at the hospital, dog trained staff are only given very basic knowledge of science of my specific visit to the hospital, so tomorrow, especially for these recent posts; I expect severe herd mentality insanity among the repeditive train by dogs entities staff at the hospital!!! I was reminded of my mom’s butt or more specific my mom’s upper butt and I often teased my mom and I told my mom, is her butt were masses of solid bones or I said, why do you have bones instead of a butt, my mom didn’t explained it to me except, my mom told me, she did had a butt. Since, this past Friday, I noticed my butt muscles are firmer but not yet solid rock strength of muscles, my mother had, it is likely by the male lineage of my maternal side, I will too at some point, in the future, I will have solid muscles in my buttocks, similar to my mom’s. Now, that I have stronger thicker butt muscles, I noticed a difference, when I sit, especially on the uncomfortable chairs. It is at that times, while I am seated, when I am able to feel the details of the texture of the butt muscles, including a layer of muscles which reacts as a God’s natural laws of being a natural cushion and so far, I haven’t felt sore pain on my butt muscles, while I had sat for several hours, on the very uncomfortable chairs, for years, I had noticed, the buttocks muscles helps to uphold most of the back, especially, the lower half of the back but now because the butt muscles are much firmer, there is now a different type of two supports, for the back, the combination of strong more solid muscles in the upper back are now the main support of the lower half part of the back but now because of the solidity of the buttocks muscles, the muscles feels heavy on the mats as similar to weights at a gym, but still, I have minimal support on my lower back from my more muscular buttocks. Concerning, on seating  on the uncomfortable chairs, I can feel the butt muscles in details where I can feel the many strands of muscles in my butt muscles. I have noticed, my clothes fit me differently but first, I will write of a dream I had, within one week; I dreamed, I was with my mom eating a meal and during that meal, with my mom, I was a little thicker and during the dream, I comprehended the thicker parts of my body to be caused by fat by over eating, but during the dream, I thought to myself, how is it possible weight gain, when I barely eat food and I sensed from my mom this emotions, „you will gain weight, don’t worry about it.“ What I have noticed more of the difference, in how the clothes fits me, is the pants‘ waist is more loose fitting around me, two of the main difference in, how my pants fits me, are the leg parts on my pants, Now fits me perfectly, I no longer feel tightness of the pants‘ clothes around the lower leg muscles and now, I have extra room of my pants for my knees, and, now, I do noticed, in how, I no longer have much extra room in my pants, such  as a much better fit of my legs, on the lower parts of the legs parts of my pants. It is because my muscles have become more solid, in which, compared to last week, last week, the muscles were sagging, compared to the current time. Another result of a muscular buttocks, is, now, I can feel a perfect fit of the clothes of the pants, around my buttocks, as, my pants feel, on my buttocks to have been perfectly made for the specific measurements of my butt muscles, at, when I bought the pants, the pants had extra room for my butt muscles, plus, the tightness of the waist of my pants, at the first couple of weeks of wearing, my new pants. I had noticed something which is really strange, considering in how, most of my body has become more solid and enlarged with muscles, are the sides, of my upper torso, from an area  under the arm pits; the flesh is very shoft combined with a sort of cozy warmth of the softness of flesh. I haven’t felt much, my back, but I am still able to feel very stressed muscles, stressed in reference to the strongness of the back muscles, especially the upper back muscles, I don’t feel pain as is described as this: the strength of the muscles feels as if, the flesh would tear apart, but the pain, I feel, in the upper back muscles are warm, moderate sharpness of pain combined with numbness. Yesterday morning, the back pain awoke me and the pain in muscles were severe enough to where I cried just a little, and that was, the first time in my life, I had cried because of physical pain. I have noticed while I am standing, nearly the upper top of my entire buttocks muscles are becoming rock solid, only at certain standing angles. The parts of the butt muscles which remains solid are the muscles on the sides of the butt itself and  several inches of the upper portions of both of the butt muscles themselves.