Comparison Between The Aryan Men Virgin, An Aryan Mother, & Biological Aryan Fathers

This is what happens, when a man extends his muscles, it is somewhat flat but the muscles are still noticeable
The buttocks of a biological father, base on my own personal experience, all muscles become stranger in preparation of having biological sex, in addition, the picture of my mom, I too, will inherit, the masculinity of buttocks by my maternal lineage, when I, too, become a biological father.
I do know two main purpose for the male masculine buttocks; the second brain become adapted by God’s natural laws, for the man to have pleasurable sex without being emotionally overwhelmed to the extent of not being physically able to penetrate a female for conception. The woman strong muscles are specifically for the opening of labor, because my mom described to me the severe pain a woman feels, during the entire muscles system contracts
This picture helps me with the overwhelming of not exactly picturing the sexually positions of intercourse of a woman with a man, the position of similar to a puzzle but I still have difficulty to imagine the fitting parts of a woman, but I know, by studying the man’s shape, it will be possible to eventually discover, the woman’s shape by reasoning detuction.
This man is a virgin and now I do know the physical appearance of the a virgin man and a biological father
The front muscles of man, after the biological fatherhood
The front side of virgin men, muscular but noticeably not yet to the muscular of fatherhood muscles
A virgin man, during the process of the second brain maturing the entire muscles of the man become noticeably much stronger and thicker

In the Aryan culture sagging pants doesn’t exist, therefore, I knew of a message of Paul’s pants, by using reasoning detuction, based on my own experience of enlargement of muscles, including the buttocks, based on the picture of my mom in the blue dress, and a biological father pictured in a filming of a Nazi rally during the 1900’s, I discovered by God’s natural laws, I, too, will have a fertile butt. The picture symbolisement is to illustrate a virgin man’s butt, to the eventuality of the buttocks of a biological father
A picture of my Grandson Paul, of whom God have me, a very special gift of his picture in this year 2016, Paul is aged 25 years old in the year 2090, my Grandson Paul, will be conceive in the year 2065, my Grandson Paul looks very much like me, even more resemblance to my mom’s, because of the arms‘ of Paul are more like my mom’s than myself, which gives me much joy, as if my mom is to live again, in the biological, through me, and I do love much my Grandson Paul for the special connection of himself through the male lineage on my maternal side, which feels highly blessed of God