Saturday 5 October 2016; While Masturbation I Feel Much Better By Being Consoled By Advice As The Overwhelmingness Emtional State Doesn’t Exsist By The Highly Sensitive Sexual Second Brain Of Newly Discovered Knowledge 

I am learning to adjust, to the overwhelmingness associated by the new strong sexual arousal, while I am masturbating, I now have, since, October 20, 2016. Now the overwhelmingness has changed; compared, to the masturbation of October 20, 2016. Now, it is much difficult to precisely articulate the new knowledge I have of the complete entire reproductive male system, to which, I had nicknamed the second brain, because of the male reproductive system occupies, partly, the bottom half of the spinal cord nervous system, the combination of this new knowledge, plus the more pleasurable  (non existing overwhelmingness) sexual sensations, are too difficult to explain in details of my emotions. The lack of counsol, during the emotional analisation of, my own newly discovered heterosexual second brain, is what, now causes, the sense of overwhelmingness. The emotions of feeling sexually overwhelmed, as the emotional effects, I had, were similar to the emotional state of Isaac Slade; which I saw yesterday; a YouTube video of an interview of Isaac Slave. During the YouTube video interview of Isaac Slade; Isaac Slade was very sleepy, as appearing very extremely emotionally tired by being sexually overwhelmed and very unfocused in conversations and constantly laughing and joking. I had exactly the same emotional state of condition, today, as Isaac Slade displayed, during the YouTube interview, I viewed yesterday. I didn’t realize the effects of being overwhelmingly sexual aroused until, I ejaculated at Fred Meyer and I felt a drastic emotional difference to compared to my emotional condition, earlier in the day, before I masturbated, today. The current state of sexually being overwhelmed, is of the result of the masturbation, I had on 20 October 2016, because I had experienced, the grief of the death of my mom, I had realised as a result of the sexually overwhelming masturbation, I had on October 20, 2016; as a result, I experience an emotional shock, that is the main factor of my current sexual arousal state of being emotionally overwhelmed. Therefore, because of the emotional shock, I sense confusion as an unique type of being confused by doing simple everyday chores such as arranging clothing for the new day, and getting ready for the new day. However, the emotional state of being confused isn’t constant but I have noticed, while I try to analyze the emotional state of confusion, I noticed the extreme sexual arousal thus leading me in an emotional state of being overwhelmed.