Sleep Of Thursday Night Of 3 November & Morning Of 4 November 2016

I finally slept very well, a very unique sleep, I haven’t experienced, in my life; I felt the blessing of Jehovah God of belonging exclusively for Him and I had a strong sense I am His unique man baby. While, I slept, I felt a deep healing comfort of total perfection  (Jehovah God) of deep compassionate love, as to view me, as a baby, not a biological age of a baby but a strong ownership of myself to belong to Jehovah God, which the term baby is a more specific term of Jehovah God’s ownership of me. While, I slept, I sensed a limitness universe around me, and while the limitness universe feeling, I felt, was being surrounded, very comfortably by a blue blanket, I felt an entire restoration, even my back, become much better. During the entire night, stress in my back was being released, and I haven’t felt physically stressless in over half a year. I felt much happy too, today, and a need to rest, even though, I wasn’t as tired as recent days. I did rested for the majority of the day, my day was spent, at the library and Fred Meyer, and my day, was very good and special.