Anatomy Lesson Of The Reproductive Sytem Of The Entire Aryan Man Genitialia; Since The Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists Has No Knowledge Of An Aryan Man Penis

The length of the visable penis, is represented from the distance of left hand on right wrist; the length of the penis, is from the wrist to the end of the middle finger
Not so clear neck muscles are similar to the body part (below the corona gland) of the penis, if the foreskin is pull down
The entire network of butt muscles of the Aryan man, is physically connected to both the entire male genitalia and about half of the lower spinal cord, metaphorically a second brain

The silhouette of the Jehovah God created penis of Ben Davies is visable. A picture of comparative anatomy difference from the Aryan Supremacist MAN HUMAN and the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists inferior degenerate NON MANKIND „man“ rat entity 
Authentic Aryan Supremacist sexual arousal comparative anatomy of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist NON MANKIND inferior degenerate „female“ of death expression popular in American media for the non sense of the homosexual relationships between a Judin „man“ & Judin „Female“ To With Both Are Sterile Unable To Become Reproductive Parents And Without Any Sexual Desire For One Another

A form of authentic heterosexual arousal expression with the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist „man“ can not sense
Authentic Aryan Supremacist man’s facial expressions of sexual pleasure while masturbating or having sex with an Aryan female
The Aryan man’s network butt muscles in order to orderate the penis to conceive the egg of an Aryan female!!! Comparative anatomy of the Aryan HUMAN MAN & The Death Useless Physical Existence Of The Judin hermphrodrite sadomaschmist rat entity doesn’t have a butt before the Judin Hermphrodite „Man“ CAN’T REPRODUCE!!!

It has been stated by the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists, they are unaware of the reproductive functions of the male penis. The penis is the strongest muscle in being solid while erect, the heart itself, of the blood circulatary system, is only strong, in constant beating to circulate the blood through the entire body. While the penis is erect, the penis becomes warmer in temperature, and the erect penis, the feeling of an erected being does feel out of porportion, to the actual size of the penis, especially the corona glands, the entire corona gland feels greatly enlarged and the stretching of the corona’s skin is very noticeable but painless. Because the erect penis is solid while, it is erect, the erect penis CAN’T be moved in any other position than its natural erect position. Because of the large body composition of both Aryan man and female, fucking to conceive a child is only possible, by a Aryan woman incerting herself on top of the male penis; other fucking positions to conceive a child would be impossible because of the specific size of the penis to be required to be placed inside the virgina of a female. The homosexuality such as the movie of the Notebook, Titanic, Far & Away and many other Hollywood movies doesn’t exist in reality and both the bodies of the Aryan man and Aryan woman are more solid than was filmed in those homosexual movies!!! The thrusting of the penis, to achieve an ejaculation is much energetic, specifically the entire penis, and the energy of the penis travels through the spinal cord, similar to the rupturing of a fault line, and the entire body becomes greatly energized, when the sexual arousal reaches the cranial brain, the sexual energy creates a state of mind to which, the mind partiality becomes unconscious to the specific details of one’s environment and the mind is specifically focus on detailed imagery of having sex with an Aryan woman, one is in the process of imagery which further sexually stimulates the sexual arousal of the penis in turns furthers the very specific imagery of sex, from the imagery of the physical, to emotional reactions by the female, to the imagery of the penis in the woman’s virgina, to picturing the woman’s reproductive tubes, to which one imagine an inconvenience egg, to ejaculate, is the imagery of the grand prize to imagine the actual conception of the woman’s egg, that is how I achieve a very strong pleasurable but very physically tiring ejaculation. The pain of the corona is caused by heightened arousal of one’s soul, while at the maximum of sexual arousal, moments before an ejaculation; the breathing is what triggers the arousal in one’s soul, which in turns lessens the pain on the penis head. The sexual arousal is the strongest in one’s soul but the combination of both the sexual arousal of the penis and one’s soul is very much pleasurable as a sense of heaven and very much overwhelming.