Tuesday 1 November 2016; Solar Flares Are Much Too Strong Right Now And I Know I Can’t Sleep, For The Rest Of The Morning, I Will Write This Post For Today’s Activities, Then I Will Walk To The Bellingham Library 

After, I finish writing this post, I will get ready to venture outside, lotion is required, today, because of the severity of today’s solar flares. I plan to send some hours at the Bellingham library property, until, I am ready to go to the YMCA to shower, my breakfast, will be an apple plus other foods, I shall, soon buy. My WTA November month pass is valid, today, so now, I am able to take unlimited trips on WTA buses. Two activities, I shall do today, is to buy food at Fred Meyer and visit the library at Lumni, Washington. The Lumni visit, I shall plan first. Lunch at Fred Meyer and perhaps a visitation at the Berkley center, for exploration.