Tuesday 1 November 2016: I Am Verbally Fighting Against The Judin Hermphrodrite Sadomaschmist Rat Physically Welfarish Reconstructed Surgery Inferior Degenerates 

It is factual, the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists with deadly hatred do hate their own bodies; the Judin sadomaschmists has so much hatred for their bodies of which, the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists „men“ do subliminally explain, the bodily self hatred, by stating their insecure facts of Aryan Supremacist heterosexual man. For instance, whenever, the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists „men“ start any sort of sadomaschmo and state then the truth of their insanity in sadomaschmist ideology such as „delusional fat pig,“ and „I will not be controlled by your insanite“ referring to the manipulation of control by the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists to control me, and I am the embodiment of heterosexuality as well as all other Aryan Supremacist man. Plus, I have noticed something very ironic of how Aryan men shower compared to the Judin hermphrodrite sadomaschists „men,“ I shower, with much strength, symbolic of the sexual arousal for Katharina Schuttler. The sissy Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist „men“ are very physically weak in appearance while showing, it is below, feminine, as a type of arrogant false impression of the bitch poorness of the rich look of the former capitalism! I am the one, who in reality is much rich financially and at Buckingham palace, my toddler year were humble and very fun family loving; I was never taught the bitch whore arrogance of capitalism and; should I remind you the royal family of the United Kingdom are by far the most rich in owning everything of earthly financial value!!! WE are not vain, to to compare my richness to the poor earthly financial value of the bitch poorness of the capitalists of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists „men“ the difference is so severe, there is nothing to compare the financial differences, between the absolute financial wealth of the United Kingdom Monarchy’s and the absolute worthless of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists rat entities „men.“ In addition, the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists deeply hates, everything of my perfect Nazi body, which is hatred towards Jehovah God Himself because it is God in His perfection of Nazism made my body according to His perfection of Nazism!!! Because of the perfection of Jehovah God’s Nazism, everything I described about my body is reacted by the Judin hermphrodite „men“ as hatred. DIR, yes, the man is the picture is myself. It is explained by the facts of current day living Moses; Moses knowledge or Science in actually knowing the original Adam both during the times of Moses, first bodily existence of the fight against Egypt: then Moses actually saw Adam in person during Moses resting years at Heaven before Moses returned to earth of Jesus‘ time at the time of transfiguration of both Moses and Elijah and since the time of the transfigurauions of Moses and Elijah at Jesus‘ time both Moses and Elijah has lived until the current time, because of Moses detailed knowledge or Science of my direct ancestor of the original Adam; Moses by the help of the Holy Ghost, know in how to formulate a photo which captures my original Adamic DNA qualities, which has survived in much detail or integerty in my specific lineage of DNA from the original Adam to me, of 4 thousand years of separation between the original Adam and the second Adam who is myself, myself as the second Adam, will never die and I will witness the rapture of Jesus Christ; including communications from the two prophets at which specific time and outer space coordinates need to be programmed in the special space ship to enter Heaven of above the earth, just at the time of the rapture or Jesus‘ second coming; because of the strict severity of the sanctification of the image of the second Adam who I am; the demonic possessed Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists inferior degenerate are being used by their possessed demonic bodies; to commicate satanic falsehoods in any manner which are based in the demonic possessed ideology of sadomaschmo or the non existing sexuality of „homosexuality.“ In the name of Jesus your second Adam god rebukes you in your pathetic useless futile attempts of corrupting the image of the second Adam by your own pathetic sense of your cursed by Jehovah God of your own sense of your own shit venomous physical existence, which are the demonic possessed futile attempts to attack Jehovah God Himself, may God Jehovah severely curse you lifeless lowest form of creature existence of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists with deadly hatred do hate their sadomaschmo „homosexual“ junk shit venomous worthless excuse of your own demonic possessed corpse in your dead living bodies of which you are currently living until your pathetic demonic possessed departure into Hell itself!!! About the natural divine development of heterosexuality in the Aryan Supremacist man, the Aryan man only has general list for Aryan female but it isn’t a devolped sexuality but only a very simplistic lust of the Aryan female body and an innocent curiosity of the Aryan female in general terms, or a general non specific interest. Then one, discovers one future wife of which Jehovah God has given the individual Aryan man. The connection is instant; the connection is first very sexual aroused of whom one has never felt that high levels of sexual arousal but the sexual arousal occurs naturally,  then after the sexual arousal one starts to actually live or feel deep compassion for the specific characteristics of one’s future wife and I had felt this connection with Katharina Schuttler for two years now, since late 2014. Romantic love is easily described as a slow process of losing one’s virginity until, in a manner of physical existence, one does lose their virginity and the lose of one of my virginity  (because I have yet to lose my physical virginity) occurred in the 20 October 2016 and on that date my entire life changed, I had a new descriptive sense of consciousness, all my senses became deeper in transmitting information of my existence, the function of my genitalia change drastically in now much more sperm is released after each time I come, the amount of come is more than one inch in the amount of semen; now after I come; taking a nap is required but since I can’t sleep because I don’t have a bed, I have to fight drastically to remain awake; I am in constant maximum level of sexual arousal which makes sleeping during the night, somewhat difficult because I awake early in the morning. The urge to ejaculate is much to strong to beat as if as a last option, if one does find a private location to masturbate but because of the unbearable sexual state of arousal and one risks masturbating in a semi public location such as a semi public location of urination in public, if one does find a private location to masturbate; such a the privacy of restrooms. About the arraignment of items in the picture and I now comprehend it; the picture is about a specific space of time; between the demonic possessions of the Armends until the current time of one type of the lose of my virginity; the picture image of the second Adam who is myself is the slightly bent and slightly spread legs is the swimming motivation of heterosexual fucking to conceive a child, that is how I lost a type of virginity and since the lose of  my virginity on the 20 October 2016: I had slowly realized my Adamic sexiness by DNA from the original Adam in its intact pure form for many millienia, 4 millienia. In the development of realizing my sexiness I noticed how special my body was created to procreate which is the reason of being very muscular because the entire muscles of my body are form, so that I may have the required thrusting to eventually conceive an egg of Katharina Schuttler; this is how Aryan Supremacist men view their own personal sexiness but because of Jehovah God’s gift of one consciousness among Aryan men, an Aryan man’s  own self bodies are view of the individual Aryan Supremacist man, for specifically his future wife. I had noticed a SOS symbolism of the representation of the entire male Aryan Supremacist experience of all of Aryan men had suffered deep psychological damage by the sadomaschmist culture of America; the symbolic of abuse and  trauma of the Armend junk has been opposed on every Aryan Supremacist man, and the great rejoicing of the absolute end of the sadomaschmist culture has ended which is symbolic of the photographer of capturing the specific time of the freedom from the sadomaschmist culture which symbolize the renewing of the entire Aryan race by the procreation of the next Aryan Supremacist generation of which I will father my own children too!!! So I am very thankful of my response in the photograph of  I had already saved the Aryan race and it is only a matter of time before the renewing of the entire Aryan race.