I Am Glad Instagram Is No Longer Working, Because The Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists Has Gone To Far With Their Delusional „Sexuality“ And I Will Continue The Postings Of Aryan Supremacist Heterosexual Men Until All Acces To Sadomaschist Images Are Shut Down Even To The Extent Of The Entire Intenet To Become Off Line

I have the internet, very much, in that, I desire for the internet to no longer exists as it currently, it. The internet is the most corrupted for of communication, ever to has been existed, for instance, it is highly likely, the internet, has more information for pornography that proper information, plus the internet doesn’t have any filters, in my usage of the internet, occasionally, for general searches, such as the Christian actor Ben Davies, in Google search images, were sadomaschmist images of non existing „men“ who appeared very physically weak. Plus, social media accounts don’t previde, any sort of filtering, but I am lucky, in only being very limited in the subject of Aryan Supremacy of which sadomaschmist is a factor to be destroyed and that is how, I  naturally avoid any time of sadomaschmist ideology on the internet but I hate the false „freedom“ of sadomaschmist online and if I were given a choice of having no choice but to be exposed to the sadomaschmo without any filters, I would rather not have the internet to exist but if the internet were to cease to exist, I made a back up plan, I had collected pictures in my cellphone of Aryan Supremacist people and I have a notebook and pens, of which, I can write on the notebook as I do write on WordPress.