Monday 31 October 2016; Masturbation Has Reach The Extreme Pleasure Of What I Had Felt On Thursday 20 October 2016

Today, I experienced two occasions of masturbation and it was very pleasurable as, it was on Thursday 20 October 2016, this times, I had even more imagery, the aroused face of Katharina Schuttler, the physical shape of Katharina Schuttler of the picture on the ball, the pressure feeling when I flex my muscles while masturbating, and the pleasurable sense of chaos while I ejaculate, this time, it is not overwhelming for me any more, but only for a few minutes, I feel a moderate amount of anger of the miscarriage of love but then Jehovah God Himself comforts me, then I sense, a strong sense of careful helping romantic love from Katharina Schuttler and I do literally now sense sexually complete, except of course not actually the physical sex yet. Then I feel very sleepy but not fainting as was Thursday 20 October 2016; and the sleepiness is very unique, too, as a type of heaven perfection of resting.