I Sense Again An Overwhelming Feeling Of Discovering The Sexiness I Have Given By The Nazi Perfection Of Jehovah God 

Now I better idea of the sexual arousal of the opening of the virgina, by this picture of Katharina Schuttler

The process of discovering the sexiness of which Jehovah God has blessed me with His Nazi perfection, took about a week for me to comprehend the significance of my sexiness. I first knew the basics, of being sexually attracted but I had yet to comprehend that I am very sexy, I knew of my sexiness, in a very complexed divine multiple meanings, of which is how Jehovah God communicates by His Word of the Bible; the picture of the  Aryan Supremacist man standing, I sensed many significant meanings of which Jehovah God wanted me to know, by that picture. I first sense a shock of something very divinely important and even initially, I sensed the many significance of Jehovah God’s communications to me, but I had yet to comprehend the basics information. Then, I realized, the god like physical appearance, then the extreme sexiness of the muscles because the muscles reminded me of Thursday 20 October 2016, the muscles reminded me of the unbearable (because I fainted within 1 hour) sexual pleasure I felt while masturbating, to the images of having sex with Katharina Schuttler, I had detailed imagery of Katharina Schuttler birth chamber, and for the first time ever, because I discovered the movements of the legs of the swimming motivation, I physically sensed as Katharina Schuttler was physically having sex with at that specific time because I sensed heaviness of weight of my pubic area, and I felt tight pressure around my entire genitalia. In addition, I discovered my own uniqueness as the direct descendant of the first Adam, because of my uniqueness, and discovering my sexiness, I wanted to know how I physically appear, I did saw myself and I noticed, I do look much different from the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist rat „men“ and I did noticed, every body part was perfectly created by Jehovah God’s Nazi perfection in order to reproduce and I now have a strong sense at any time, I look at myself naked, of being sealed by Jehovah God of my perfect physical body, for the only and primary reason is to inpragnate, and for that I feel greatly blessed, of belonging to Jehovah God of „perfectly mine,“ and my perfect body, for which God created specifically for Katharina Schuttler. This evening, I felt a closure from the chaos, because I sensed a heaviness which I couldn’t directly acknowledge but the chaos was about being overly sexually aroused on Thursday 20 October 2016 and the multiple message Jehovah God communicated to me by the Switchfoot picture I posted on my social media accounts, my mom told me the basics of female sexual arousal but Katharina Schuttler told me more. The sexiness I describe of myself is divine of Jehovah God’s Nazi perfection but Katharina Schuttler told me, the masculinity is sexually arousing, of which I didn’t know, because I didn’t had knowledge, I thought females were only sexually aroused by only the male genitalia plus love for one’s specific personality but in a manner, the sexual desire of a female is similar to a man’s sexual desire for the female, except for the sexual desire of the female and I only get aroused by Katharina Schuttler, every physical attribution reminds me of sex, from the deeply loving caring, compassionate face of Katharina Schuttler and with those attributes, it is very simple to visualize Katharina Schuttler facial expressions of having sex with me, and I became deeply aroused by looking at her beautiful loving and deeply arousal of her face, especially when I imagine Katharina Schuttler face in much sexual pleasure. Because of Katharina Schuttler communication with me, I sensed a closure from the chaos, I sensed from the Switchfoot picture and I understood the verse of „it is not good for man to be alone.“ Plus, because I noticed the heavy stressed was removed away from me, I understood the Bible about the woman being man’s helper, but with what happened today, I now realize how very important, it is to have a helper and, indeed Katharina Schuttler does factually completes me, because it was only Katharina Schuttler who was able to first, comfort me and I noticed the completeness Katharina Schuttler gave me, today.