Saturday 29 October 2016: Bellingham WTA Paratransit Judin Hermphrodite Sadomaschmist „Man“ Driver

I saw a WTA paratransit mini bus and I was reminded of Access transportation of King county, it is ironic in how, everything the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist „men“ doesn is femininite the weak type of femininite which includes phobic panic attacks mannerism. Previously, I thought all Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist were butt less a such as the Judin hermphrodrite sadomaschmists at Cambie at Vancouver, Canada. The YMCA attracts former capitalism extremist of Judin hermphrodrite sadomaschmist of the 1990’s; many of those Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist had major reconstructed surgery, their „male“ genitalia are a work of fiction to mean it looks totally fake, non functional, and biological worthless, at first, such a sight was scary, not the typical freight but more of a shock of evil looking malicious monsters, and the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist are very demonic. The same goes with their none sense butts, which is incompatible with the biological structure of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist body, the butts are very disgusting, not with the shit physical existence of clothed Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist but since I haven’t been exposed to such grotesque reconstructed butts, I have yet to develop the shit physical existence of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist of their grotesque reconstructed non sense butts; the better description I sense of the grotesque butts was the drone raven, I saw at Vancouver, Canada; the drone raven had (if the raven was biological) „trumors“ on its beak and that same grotesque feeling of seeing the trumor balls on the raven’s beak, is the same type of grotesque feeling of the non sense butts, which doesn’t fit the biological structure of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist „men“ bodies.