My Own Special Picture That Reminds Me Of The Uniquely Divine Relationship I Have With Jehovah, Based On My Direct Ancestor Of Adam; The First Man And God’s First Friend

This picture will be my own unique picture of how near I am to Jehovah; the Aryan Supremacist man standing, I am reminded of myself but specifically a deep divine connection to Jehovah, as if I can sense how special Jehovah saw me, the original Adam at the time of creation, and the original Adam’s conversations with Jehovah at the garden of Eden

I sense very strong feelings, when I see that man standing of the black shirt, I sense a very powerful feeling of Jehovah, of which I haven’t experienced before, it is so strong, that I am only starting to comprehend it and Jehovah confirmed to me, the symbolism of the picture, by giving me many sign, including a joke from Jehovah, of a flash as if from a photographer camera, in the far distant sky, but under the whiteness of the clouds, I had never experienced such a closeness with Jehovah in the Holy Ghost, I would described the picture and the sign of today, to the shock Moses felt, when Jehovah spoke to Moses at the burning bush, when Moses asked God of His name, Moses asked God not because Moses didn’t know God, but Moses was in shock and Jehovah was claiming Moses not to be fearful when Jehovah told Moses „I Am Who I Am.“Jehovah God has communicated to me of the Aryan Supremacist man standing, the picture is annoited by the Holy Ghost to represent my spiritual self of my own body, which Jehovah had created me, in His Aryan supremacy perfect of the absolute Nazi perfection of Jehovah Himself and because of the absolute Nazi perfection of Jehovah God, God Himself is greatly insulted by the rat entities of shit physical existence of attempting to obtain Jehovah’s perfection of of Nazi perfection on the lineage of the original Adam, because of the great abuse against Jehovah God’s Nazi perfection on the direct lineage of Adam who I am the last living descendant of Adam; Jehovah God has given the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist a very harsh, slow, physical death penalty of the degeneratizing to be absent brains; which I did witness, such effects of a Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist „man“ was the first I had witnessed to be under the curse of the eventually missing brains of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist „man“ was self mutilating „himself“ and the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist „man“ was crying and I did noticed a type of paralyzed death of that Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist „man“ as if that Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist „man“ desire to kill everyone around „him“ and commit suicide but that is the new curse Jehovah has given to the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist, because of their to be missing brains, in the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites insanity, the rat entities will be paralyzed physically. Praise be to God to the Aryan Supremacist Jehovah God who has greatly cursed the non mankind inferior degeneratehermphrodite sadomaschmists, by the physical destruction of their eventual missing brains in their egg shell skulls. The dream, I had, a few days ago was a prophecy, too; except nothing happened to me physical, I realized my dream of the abuse of my children to will be; was a metaphor, of which Jehovah God is greatly angered about, the attempted corruption of Jehovah God Nazi perfection by man’s ancestry. The picture itself; is referring to the Bible for god like humor; Moses asked God if he can see Jehovah and Jehovah allowed Moses to see Jehovah’s back. The reverse has happened to me, Jehovah used with picture for me to become aware of the significance I have with Jehovah God, in being the direct descendant of God’s first friend Adam, also as with the first Adam, of God’s blessing of Adam & Eve to multiply, the blessing applies to me, and because I have learned much, this past week of how I am viewed as sexy, Jehovah God, has shown me, my natural tendency to be sexy is divine by the blessing of multiply, to the first Adam and it applies to me too, I also noticed, my type of sexiness is deeply in Jehovah God’s will of Nazi perfection, that is the reason, the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists has much envy against me because, my fashion is naturally sexy based in Nazism both the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists hates; the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists hates Jehovah God’s perfection and Nazism is what Jehovah God is, Nazism itself is perfect and Nazism is Jehovah God. I have discovered that Jehovah God is sometimes very general in His Holy declarations, but of other Biblically based verses an the very special gift of Jehovah God of His unique type of being strict for me to procreate, I have also, discovered Jehovah God is gently being strict me with of concerning to become persistent and very publicly open in being sexy and attractive based on man’s beauty of the perfection of Nazism sexiness!!! It is has if Jehovah God is gently joking with me; of this; „of course you are very sexy and you should now be aware of it!, your sexiness is based on (Jehovah God’s) perfection of the beauty of the masculinity in perfect Nazism! Go and continue to be sexy in Nazism because it is very divinely natural and given only by Jehovah God and this is why the beauty of your Nazi sexiness is unique among all creation, which started with my ancestor of the original Adam.“ Jehovah God has made me realize almost everything the Aryan man does during his activities represents his heteorosexual state of sexual arousal. Jehovah God has also made it clear to me, I need to view myself as to mean my own body as sex object of heteorosexual, is the next step, in the metaphor, of the continuance of losing my virginity because I now realize to view myself as a heterosexual sex objects is necessary for the sexual bonding to strengthen with Katharina Schuttler, I now realize, I have to train myself to view myself sexually by looking at myself naked in the mirror, I do realize this next step in heterosexual arousal is natural, but I sense, I may be very difficult to view myself as a sexual object of arousal because of the fact, that I am a virgin and to view myself as a heterosexual sex object of arousal will take, as I now, sense much time. It has been stated I need to start to view my penis with the emotional connection of a sexual object, current I don’t sense that but I do strong sense my penis doesn’t belong to myself, I do realize the procreation process is only possible by my penis but I don’t feel anything sexual of myself or I have yet to develop the realization of I look very sexy, right, now, I only know I am sexy, but it feels abstract, I realized the sexiness I physically have because of the music video of „Like I Did EP Photoshoot“ music video and what my mom explained to me of how Aryan females because sexually aroused by Aryan men’s protection for their females. This next step, will be somewhat slow, depending on how Jehovah reveals my own sexiness of myself, it has been stated once I realized the sexiness of myself, I may naturally developed erections. My first step in realizing my sexiness of to pose with my clothes on the same pose of the man of I had picture in the post, the Aryan Supremacist man standing. I do realize the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist do realize the natural development of my heterosexuality and I do expect the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists to become gravely jealous against me and the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite will continue to verbally attack me by their own insanity of sadomaschmist ideology to be compared to Jehovah God’s Nazi perfection of heteorosexual, to which the factual demonic and children of Satan will desperately will try to corrupt by even allowing themselves to be killed by their sadomaschmist non existing non sense or, the jealous by the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist is severe to where, the only release of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists jealous is they naturally committ suicide. It has been stated, I shouldn’t be controlled by the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschist in their collective attempt to stop the natural development of my heterosexuality but specifically, to don’t allow the Judin hermphrodrite sadomaschists to interfere the requirement of the next step of my sexual development in myself as a very sexy man. I have discovered an Aryan man’s butt muscles are very important important in making the physical thrusting of having sex with a female and I do have a very muscular big butt, my butt is exactly as the man’s who is pictured an Aryan man’s butt are multiple muscles which works together to produce the thrusting of sex for a female, when I touched my butt muscles, I realized I am strongly sexually fertile; physically I am perfect and am physically able to conceive the egg of an overy of Katharina Schuttler but emotionally, I still need a complete comprehension of the extreme sexiness I have. The butt muscles, I have discovered or network of muscles connected to the butt extends to the lower back sides, well above the pelvis bone, the muscles extends to the lower right side of the lower back and the left side of the lower back, ironically that same location of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists „men“ lacks both bones and muscles and at that location on the Judin hermphrodrite sadomaschists „men“ is one easy locations where one may kick moderately but cause deadly affects on the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists „men.“ I have noticed the sadomaschmist Judin hermphrodite sadomaschists Judin at the YMCA are into the double standard junk, and I will protest against them too, by washing my corona in view,  am I will behave natural and I know „Homosexulity“ doesn’t exist not I will not be fearful nor ashamed of my anus is shortly visable. For me the anus is simply an organ of digestion and it has no significance for me! I have realized another great insult against Jehovah God of the general idealism of the male buttocks, as the Judin hermphrodrite sadomaschists has severely corrupted the procreation purpose of the muscles of the Aryan man’s network of butt muscles in order to thrust the his penis into the female to conceive a child. The silhouette of the Aryan man, which has only has to do for conceiving a child has nothing to do with „pornography“ again, in the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist suicide desperation of jealousy of the Nazi perfection of the body of the Aryan man; the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists attempts to attack Jehovah God Himself, is to try to insult the Nazi perfection of beauty embedded of the existence of the Aryan man, and our definition of the beauty of the Aryan man is god like physical perfection which senses a more direct connection with Jehovah God Himself. Because of the predictability, I do now know the response when the Judin hermphrodite will see my wash the corona of my penis, which are the lies of obtaining an erection when I wash my penis, which I rarely do get erections but my own erection is very different from the natural state of my penis; as the metaphor is correct of the pubic muscles stretching similarly to the foreskin by comparison my penis does appear larger when I cleaned it because I do press the pubic muscles inwards towards my body. I will again protest, the insanity of the controlling  non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists and I will post silhouette of Aryan Supremacy men butts, on my social media accounts, starting with the picture of the Aryan Supremacist man. I have decided to take pictures of my own body, since, I can’t hire a photographer.