The Anti White Racist Double Standard Of A Shower: Are You Aware Of The Usage Of Showers!?

I  do know, that stupid sexual non sense, IS, a form of anti white racism, I have never heard mass gossiping of anyone, who takes a shower! As if, they were prohibited to shower, simply for one’s race and why is there such a drastic chance of open opinion between, me being clothed or showering, they all, know the size of my imitate parts, it is unavoidable and my mom taught me, never to feel embarrassment. I have posted many times, I don’t have any concerns about my body and why is that fact too difficult for you brainless idiots to comprehend but instead, it is you, who are severally insecure of your own physical existence of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist, it is you, the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists, who does feel Jehovah’s curse on your physical existence, you shouldn’t portray your own identity of your own shit venomous physical existence on me! I heard insanity too, about an not specific word, which one of the meaning of the word, is to be able to float in the water. Perhaps, that metaphor, is correct, to referral to the Aryan men’s fertility. That happened, this evening at YMCA, it was rumored, the YMCA, is similar to Gattaca, where only the genetic superior are allowed to work and there are separate locker rooms, one listed „men“ and another written „adult men, over age 16.“