The Symbolism Of Alice In Wonderland, Except „Alice“ Will Die In The Nazi Concentration Camps 

I noticed a very funny symbolism of „Alice In Wonderland“ except „Alice“ would be a metaphor for the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmists who will die and have their bodies incinerated at the Nazi concentration camps. The Drop In Center, has small doors and the door knobs are located, a little closer to the ground than most doors. Because of the funny door, I was reminded of the movie „Alice In Wonderland“ the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmists are the ones, who are traped here. More funny events had occurred, late yesterday afternoon, a majority of broken „bones“ of non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist were around, plus a Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist „man“ who wore an apparatus to be tall, plus very short people and today, the insane clowns of the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmist Albinos.