I Am Finally Learning About The Occasional Poping Of The First From The Bottom Vertebrae 

I noticed the psychology of my mom, whenever, my mom didn’t answer my, her silence itself, was the answer. Most of my mom’s response of silence, I eventually, learned the answer myself because noticed, whenever, my mom wanted to answer me, but couldn’t, my mom would become angered, but my mom did give me a clue. My mom explained, to me, the child labor process and my my told me, a female’s lower back opens by the contractions, or spreads, I explained. Sometime, before, my mom told me this, I did explained the poping feeling to my mom and I asked my mom about the specific of the poping. Know I know, the root of the penis is connected to the pelvis, including muscles which connects to the lower spinal cord, the muscles, pushes, the lower disc forward and I do sense a foward muscle tension, on the back right side, of the first vertebrae from the bottom, what is interesting when the disc pops, is a sense, some sort of connection  (muscle) relocate, it sort of feels as a orgasm, because the tension is nicely relieve and some unknown mass around the pelvis feels to be back in perfect alignment. This two effects the upper neck on the left side.