I Plan To Take A Break Tomorrow, From Traveling; Wednesday 26 October 2016

Tomorrow, I wanted to visit, the Lumni Aboriginal locations, but now, I shall spend the day at the library. Monday, I was wondering, who much exploration, I was able to tolerate because, I started to feel the effects of not spending much time with my Aryan brothers and how the separation would feel? It has only been one day and the discomfort isn’t good, I don’t feel lonely or separated from my Aryan brothers but I deeply miss the comfort of being with them via social media. This only, I would had spent the day at the library for social media but there are other factors, too. I am emotional exhausted about traveling around, or I feel tired, plus, I need to take Jehovah’s warning seriously, concerning the dream, I had. Before, I left, the library, today, I watched the music video of „Greater“ by „Mercy Me“ and it was very difficult for me to discontinue to watch the video, I sensed, I didn’t want to leave the happy youthfulness comforting exploration because when I watch, the music video of „Greater“ I sense the Aryan man is very happy and is happily exploring the geography of the video and, today, I wanted that comforting happy exploration feeling to continue until I became physically tired.