Early Morning Of Tuesday 25 October 2016: Strange Feeling I Felt After I Awoke For A Few Minutes 

Early this morning, I awoke, for a few minutes, I sensed one of those „deja vu“ feelings and now, I understood the symbolism, of what I felt, I sensed, some sort of sadomaschmist repeat of an unknown harassment, but during the morning, I sensed the harassment was to be portrayed on my children, since, I don’t have children, the symbolism would be my sperm, things occurred, today, to prove the feeling of my dream, to be another warning, for instance, the vague picture, which is intended to be a threat of physical harm, and some strange feeling of to avoid the northern part of Bellingham. Another factor, was a clothing cleaners didn’t existed at the general location of a public showers at a church which never existed.