Tuesday 25 October 2016; Visit At Bellingham’s Amtrak Train Station 

During the moments, I was at the Amtrak train station at Bellingham, Washington, I was reminded of an occasion, in Seattle, when my mom and I visited Alki Beach at Seattle. At that specific occasion, of my mom’s and I visitation at Alki Beach, my mom and I said our goodbyes to my maternal Grandmother Eva Braun, about within one year of the death of my Grandma Eva Braun‘ death. Today, at the Amtrak Bellingham airport, I noticed Jehovah God gave me an opportunity to temporarily say goodbye to my mom, specifically, my mom’s bodily existence, here on earth. I imagined my mom visited me, here at Bellingham and my mom was returned to her apartment at Seattle and Jehovah God made the entire train departure as if my mom was there, for real, the wind opened the gate, as when my mom would great me again a goodbye, plus the train was late to depart. A few seconds after the train left, I said goodbye to my mom, I said that I loved my mom and I will see her soon at Heaven, shortly because, time, will pass fast, the 70 years of this earth and time, will be much faster for my mom.