Monday 24 October 2016: Masturbation Is Now Different Since This Past Thursday 

Today, the masturbation, I experienced was much different, since Thursday 20 October 2016. I didn’t had the exact similar physical experience because I was in a public restroom in a hostipal, but I did experience a very slight burning of the upper urethra and a few seconds after that I started to ejaculated a few seconds before the orgasm, and I did a little bit of a mess, in the restroom, because I didn’t expected the quantity of semen,  some of the semen fell on the floor and then, I accidentally stepped on it. My mom explained to me, if I very to be overly aroused, it is required that have to relieve myself in a restroom, if I were to become homeless, because my mom explained, if I didn’t relieve myself, I may become very desperate for this special situation of being homeless, the restroom is a proper location to relieve oneself, especially since semen is a bodily fluid. Today, I didn’t experience the pain nor the tenderness on the surface of the corona. This time, I was able to imagine, the fucking motion, I first practiced on Thursday 20 October 2016. I noticed, another reaction, I wasn’t aware of; today, on Google images, I saw a picture of a female with pajamas but squatting, the procreate position, and again, I felt overwhelming but not too much, so it seemed, limited social media images of even censored images of Aryan females would had been overwhelming. This morning, I thought of the old movies, such as the Notebook & Titanic and now I know „casual“ sex is impossible for anyone because it would has been to traumatized plus one does need to factually love the other individual.