I Figured Out The Christian Singer Shane Harper & His Musician Partner Are Part Of My Security Personnel 

I figured Shane Harper is part of my security personnel because of the exact type I clothing, I am now wearing; I know, custom design clothing of receplance of my clothing is only possible by government surveillance. Further evidence were the lyrics themselves of „Let’s Take The World Tonight“ I noticed the song was formulated by the Gestapo for their love of me; their future Fuhrer. My mom taught me „baby“ was a codename for me by the Gestapo. I also, saw, the same type of strict body guards, as my mom explained about my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler and my mom explained to me, there were trap doors or secret escape routine around him. Because of the Gestapo deep love for me, I comprehended the strictness of protection, in some of the pictures of Shane Harper, which had symbolic weapons, in the pictures. Now, I am learning, how special I am for the Aryan race. I feel a blessing of God, that I tried hard to protect the Aryan race before, I comprehend the details of love for me from the Aryan race.