To Avoid Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists None Sense Obsession I Will Describe My Male Genitalia 

I have noticed, whenever, I disclosed anything to oppose the Sadomaschmists non sense obsession, the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, becomes disappointed in gossiping and are limited in their obsessions. I don’t really understand, the obsession of the detailed imagery of butts spoken by the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite, for me, I don’t have any problems looking at myself, the situation is, to look at myself is very trivial and I don’t have time to look at myself, because why would I waste minutes of my time of things which aren’t really any benefit for me? I only look at my penis because I do have to clean it thoroughly. I don’t know how to measure my penis because again, why would I waste minutes for things of which aren’t any benefits to me, but I do know, my testicles are larger than golf balls and the testicles themselves are somewhat visable as very white structures. The corona of my penis is shape as „conehead“ of the movie the „coneheads.“ The foreskin is the softest flesh on the body. The butt, itself is only located on the back of the body and right in between the legs are internal nervs of the penis and the internal base or root of the penis, the testicles does extends between the legs while seated, mostly, to be seated for a long period of time is uncomfortable for the entire genitalia because, the clothes becomes displaced and then the clothes squeezes the entire genitalia, then after the clothes are totally displaced, the penis itself is moved to a physically uncomfortable position because one feels uncomfortable pressure, for instance, whenever, clothing become displaced, it is common for the penis to lean to the far left side, then the penis is squeezed by the clothing at times, if one doesn’t have a choice of privacy, you do have to publicly repositioned the penis by rapidly moving the penis, indirectly only on the front side of the penis, then wait for privacy to repositioned the clothing. I wear boxers and boxers are much more comfortable than any other underwear because the entire genitalia has to be softly hold in place and the other underwear are uncomfortably very physically restricted.