The Reason I Am Posting Pictures Of Aryan Men On My Instagram Account 

I am saving pictures on my Instagram account, for future times of stress and loneliness, because I feel comforted by the playful nature of Aryan men, for instance, I enjoy the pictures, I have of Isaac Slade because I am reminded of the cartoon character of Mr. Magoo and whenever, I see the pictures of Isaac Slade I am reminded of the playfulness of Isaac Slade playing the part of Mr. Magoo but I haven’t really saw the cartoon of Mr. Magoo, my fun memories of Mr. Magoo are from my mom, my mom, enjoyed to joke about Mr. Magoo, similarly to the jokes I make of Alexander Lapin, the Stranger cartoon of Seattle, I  liked to joke about car sirens and how what if, Alexander Lapin was teasing people, breaking into individuals cars, reclined the car seat and hunked the car horn with his feet, my mom would like to joke too, and my mom would add, maybe Alexander Lapin fell asleep with his foot on the car’s horn, because car alarms at Lake City was very continuous. Other Aryan men on my Instagram account; reminds me of different funny events in my past, the funny face of Luke Smallbone, my mom had a very similar funny face to Luke’s Smallbone.