I Recently Saw A Birth Of A Nation 2016, At Bellingham, Washington 

I recently saw the movie „A Birth Of A Nation“ here at Bellingham, Washington, what I noticed most of the movie, was my lack of knowledge of the specifics of the niggers‘ appearance, because the American west coast didn’t have a large population of niggers, the niggers I had seen, I haven’t paid attention of them, because of those facts, I didn’t know black eye color is typical of the niggers, nor did I know, the niggers‘ hair color is solid black and grotesque in appearance. I remembered my mom during the movie concerning my mom’s Nazism of the movie „A Birth Of A Nation,“ after the movie, my mom would had explained to me, the niggers were treated like that in the movie because the niggers are an evil two faced people and the deaths of the niggers in the movie was Jehovah’s punishment against the nigger. There was a scene in the movie of which I was surprised by the dialogue of an actress who was improperly concerned for the welfare of a female nigger slave; because of close association of the nigger female to the nigger killer, the actress should had turned or ordered the death of the nigger female slave. I was reminded of the history of the Aryan Supremacy of America, since the beginning of America; I was reminded of my future coronation of the entire United Kingdom around the world is God’s victory against, all the Aryan genocide junk, which occurred at America, too.