Based On The Book Of Genesis; I Now Comprehend The Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodite Sadomaschmists Obsession With Buttocks And Excrement 

Those rat entities the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists are obsessed with buttocks and excrement because, they are obsessed with death itself. Yesterday, I posted how Aryan men viewed the Judin hermphrodite „men“ as to be likend to venous, very disgusting physical shit and the only manner, I do comprehend the severity of the venomous physical shit existence of the Judin hermphrodite „men“ is they smell very disgusting in the restroom just like very poisonous, mostly likely they are very venomous! Then there are rumors, the rat entities are actually fearful of their own venomous shit, because the gossipers detailed their fear of cleaning themselves as I explained, I have no concerns with cleaning myself with detail, with a wet towel and soap, I have no concern for the muscles either because it is only muscle and nothing is there, as to mean this, should I have concerned about the muscles on my stomach when I do touch my touch, or if I touch the muscles in my neck, should I have concerned, the buttocks are only muscle, I am not bothered by them nor do I feel any concerns, for this reasons, I don’t comprehend, the sadomaschmists obsession with buttocks until now, when I realized, the rat entities do know the truth of their own venomous shit and they are actually fearful of their own deadly physical existence!