Wednesday 19 October 2016: Dream Of The Armand Trauma 

In the early morning of Wednesday 19 October 2016, I had one of those vague dreams, where no one was in my dreams, but I sensed the feelings I experienced, when God showed me a dream at Alexander shelter, of which, I discovered the sadomaschmo stalking of Armand but this time of the feeling of being lured and trapped such as the dream of army toys on a train model at some lake at North Vancouver and sensing a dangerous of being physically trapped, it was the images of the toys and trains, which triggered my memories of the Armand stalking because of the times, I walked to the beach at English Bay beach and the symbolism of purposely arranged shorts during at that time, I knew was strange but I didn’t know anything of Armand’s sadomaschmo obsession against me. I had that same feeling of being physically trapped again but this time, Wednesday morning, I felt the feeling of being trapped and that sexual trauma sense of severe emotional heaviness or severe stress.