Thursday 20 October 2016: Dream Of The Armand Trauma

During Thursday 20 October 2016, I only slept 3 hours, I awoke, after 5 am, I had a dream of the Armand junk, the geographical location was unknown, in my dream, but the structural location was, a mixture of the Bellingham public library and Vancouver public library, in being the structure was old but large, plus, a neighborhood location, where it was a little run down, similar to the Cloverdale neighborhood at Seattle. I didn’t dreamt of anyone specific but I sense a similar evilness of the Armand junk, a sense of I couldn’t get away from „him“ but in the vagueness of a non specific individual, I sensed, I was witnessing to them about Jesus but that individual, completely ignored God’s message to him but instead someone else witnessed the events of the Armand and the Christian witnessing which was occurring at that time, and as a result, another individual accepted Christ. During that dream, other events occurred but the event, was vague, too, such as some type of disaster, and I sensed the disaster was man made. At times, I am still bothered by the Armand junk, especially, this morning, right after the dream. I am bothered by the „homosexuality“ non sense of that junk being a „sexuality“ as if, by the constant sadomaschmo obsession gossiping, as if it should be clear to me the non sense of that „sexuality“ which is portrayed upon on the Armand statements of which Armand wanted me to „think“ as „himself“ such as the Armand comments of Armand „didn’t know straight men thought of the killing staff“ about „gays,“ plus the non sense of Armand believed, I was „his“ „friend,“ at the Haven shelter, while, it is in my nature to be friendly to everyone, but I was tricked by Armand too, at the Haven. During the Haven shelter stay, I noticed Armand sat next to me but I didn’t know Armand was obsessed with that sadomaschmo junk and I thought Armand waa authentically concerned for my homeless situation, but I never trusted the Armand at the Haven Shelter to begin with, because, if I did felt comfortable, I would had stated greetings and I am strict I’m not having real conversations with non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites and whenever, I do talk with any non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites, the conversations are short and I only talk about the subject which the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite had commenced and not purposely, I do talk with the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites, at the times, when they talk to me, until they noticed, my conversations of Aryan Supremacy and I do talk to everyone about it but not directly, for example my knowledge of the sciences, Europe, or my opinion of movies.