The None Sense Of The Judin Hermphrodrite „Males“ Flashing, The „Spaghetti“ Entities 

When that Armand stuff was occurring and when I made fun at Armand, I felt much hatred of revenge of the sadomaschmo stalking stuff and I even told one of the replacement Armand that I was about to kill him, by kicking Armand while „he“ sat on the sidewalk during that time, I didn’t yet felt the severe stress yet. Now, that incidents occurres of which I am reminded of the Armand killing stuff, I feel extreme sadness that Armand didn’t die from me, for instance, a few minutes ago, I broke a twig of a tree and I was reminded of how easy it would be if I simply kicked Armand hard enough that he would die; I feel sadness because, I sense this current trauma could had been avoided by the destruction of Armand, but I do sense stress for the only „comfortable“ outcome would be that killing junk, to avoid the current sexual assault and resulting trauma. I remember the exposure junk at the Aboriginal Shelter by those non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists, of butts, their expectations of me was confusing, because I did laughed at them and I whispered, they looked physically deformed; their common complain of me was „why did“ I „had to laugh at“ them, I was confused because, of, what else would had been expected of me! They knew about the Armand junk, or perhaps, those „flashers“ experienced my laughter as if I were to tell them that I planed to kill them too, because I did laughed at all that Armand killing stuff too but even more confusing too, but I know the reason of a „slow death“ of those sadomaschmists, they were fearful of than dying in the Nazi concentration camp. My only exposure of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists nakedness, I experienced was at Vancouver, Canada, first, at the Cambie shelter and the Aboriginal Shelter, seeing them was more scary than having the trauma, which occurred later, what was emotionally shocking was the front side of those non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists „males“ because I couldn’t comprehend how those junk people can be actually be physically alive, when they had really small sized stomachs, the small stomachs reminded me, if they are so small, would they had some biological defect, which they would had been dead by now? Such as deceased internal organs? The non working reproductive part was shocking to see, for the same physical defected reasons, how can they be able to be physically alive? Since, the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschist gossipers are severally obsessed with buttocks, the only difference, I do know, is the feeling of my own physical body being in existence, I am not vain, I rarely look at my face in detail in the mirror and was never into that sadomaschmo junk but I do know how clothing fits on me and because of that, I do know there is much of a difference; those junk non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists only has loose small flesh for buttock, which is funny, yes, because of the physical deformation as of the flesh of the buttocks can easily be cut off, such as the movie of „Death Becomes Her,“ the Judin hermphrodite „males“ has strange looking flesh as if any little thing may cut their flesh, that is how, I developed the term „spaghetti“ people because those Judin hermphrodite „men“ don’t have elasticity of flesh or much lack of muscles plus, it is very noticeable the fethal softness of the Judin hermphrodite „man“ entire skeleton, simply watch the music video of „God Is On The Move“ song of the Aryan man’s spinal cord doesn’t move while he is walking plus the severe physical deformation of a Judin hermphrodite rat „man“ of his spinal cord as if God spinal cord is almost ready to naturally break, that is how I discovered the Armand „spaghetti“ junk because of the flashing of his lower back which didn’t had any real bones or very weak „spaghetti“ bones, it was very fortunate, I didn’t see any physical flashing of Armand, although „he“ purposely did. I only saw „his“ stupid underwear, and I later knew the symbolism of the biological „gender“ of a virgin female of the color red because, I researched the slang term of „no cookie,“ which was spoken by Armand. I was stated, some time past, how I knew, which Google images were fake, first, I was taught by my mom, she told me, naked „people“ in the media don’t existed, she explained to me, „pornography“ was invented by computer programming. Secondly, more recently, because of all the exposing junk at Vancouver, Canada, when I researched Google images and some how a half naked hacked in Google images (because the images had no relevance to the image search, such as the wannabe „gay“ images for Google search images for the Christian actor Ben Davies) because of that gay images junk; Ben Davies Instagram account has been deleted, because I wrote on social media of my anger of the none existing „sexuality“ corruption opposed upon the Aryan man. Because of knowing how, I physically feel and that none sense exposure, that is how it became very clear to me the falseness of the computer generated images of the wannabe sissy Judin hermphrodite „men“ at the same time having disportionate non existing muscle of the Google images and because of how I behaved and because of my education of the Aryan man by YouTube, I have discovered, those sissy Judin hermphrodite „men“ Google images are very weak in mental ability because of the weakness of the femaleness of the typical Judin hermphrodite „male,“ the Google images of the weakness of the sissy Judin hermphrodite „men“ is exaggerated of the mannerism of the weakness of the femaleness of the Judin hermphrodite „men,“ but the Judin hermphrodite „men“ do have a similar weakness of a female mannerism of what the Google images portrays! Those exposure rumors of „Tim“ at Cambie were correct, „he“ had one of those automatically falling off „spaghetti“ junk.