I Finally Noticed The Strictness Of My Mom’s Nazism By Living Living With Her For 33 Years

For the first 33 years, of my life, lived with my mom and the first few years at the United Kingdom, but when entire time I lived with my mom in the USA, I lived alone with her and I am very fortunate, I am my mom’s only child; when I was a child my mom frequently told me, she wanted to have a son, my mom, omitted the fact, of nothing having any concerns for having daughters, and because my mom was only specific in her desire of having a son, I did asked my mom of any desire she had to have daughters but my mom ignored to answer the questions and my mom explained to be, how she would practice motherly physical care on neighborhood boys, to practice for her future biological son, which is me. About being the only direct living descendant of Adam & Eve, I don’t feel any pressure because I have strong faith in God’s promises which are explained in the Old Testament and New Testament of the Bible and during, especially, this years, God has been very strictness faithful of His Will and concern for me. It wasn’t until, the second sexual assault, here at Bellingham, Washington, that I noticed, the strictness of my mom’s Nazism was taught to me. My mom was very knowledgeable in psychology and my mom attend mestizin churches for two reasons; first, the mestizin churches my mom did attended, my mom was strict, in her own requirements, of the soundness of the churches doctines has to be completely based on the entire Bible, the most important requirement, was the God’s requirement of salvation by Jesus Christ and not through „religious“ point systems but is why my mom disliked the Judin hermphrodite Kirkland church, because of individual favoritism based on the „religious“ point system of financial contributions plus what was being taught by many of the individuals at the Kirkland church wasn’t even in the Bible but was written by non Christian authors because, my mom explained to me, what was taught in the Sunday school female class had nothing to do with the Bible and the author of the non Christian book was elevated to an occult like Messiah, instead of Jesus himself. The second lesson, my mom taught me, by attending the mestizin churches was the typical falseness of the mestizin such as playing with one, that they are friendly and sincere, it was releaved to me the falseness of both friendship and the mestizin belief in the Bible by our visitations to individuals of the mestizin churches, my mom became very angered when we visited an old female mestizin house and I spilled a little juice in the plastic wrapped table, my mom explained to the Mestizin elderly female, she was over reacting because the cloth and table were protected by the plastic and my mom and I left the mestizin elderly house and my mom was very detailed in how, the elderly mestizin female shouldn’t had treated me like that, with my mom’s typical sarcastic comment of „why does she have the plastic on the table, when she is concerned for the plastic.“ My mom explained to me, the plastic was to protect the cloth and the table and it didn’t made sense of the elderly mestizin female concern for the plastic, when the plastic can be easily cleaned. Throughout my mom’s and my residency at Hollister, CA, my mom and I had similar incidents with the mestizin at Hollister. Then we moved to the Bay area, where my mom being to teach me to make my mom descions, which was an English language church, my mom did visited the mestizin church at East San Jose but my mom was discouraged about the location and my mom lack the enthusiasm to attend the mestizin church at East San Jose. Then at the San Francisco bay area, my mom taught me about the niggers, my mom discouraged me about having nigger female friends of neighbors to us because my mom told me, the blacks are two faced, they pretend they are nice to you then they hurt you or take advantage of you, my mom explained to how the Nigger females had favoritism for all the neighbors against me, my mom explained to me of how their mother was neglected them and the Nigger female were whites and drug users and I can’t eat anything of their food and if I asked to drink water, to watch carefully if anything other than water was added. My mom did allowed me to have Jewish friends of which she was more comfortable in communicating with but my mom became angered at the entire school at Santa Clara for racial favoritism for the Jews and Asians. In Sunnyvale, my mom and I were more isolated from the neighbors and the only problems we had was the sadomaschmo junk at Homestead in Cupertino, CA. My favorite years with my mom were the Seattle, years, because, my mom talked directly to me of anything I wanted to know, including Aryan Supremacy. My mom encouraged me to watch Triumph Of The Will because my mom explained to me, the music is very relaxing and it was nice to watch the activities taking place during the parades and my mom taught me of the German culture by the movie of Triumph Of The Will, I which I already knew, my mom asked me, why are they giving out fruit baskets? I  responded to my mom, it is a gift of thanksgiving. My mom explained to me the event occurred during the spring because of the tying of the rope on the pole and my mom asked me, when do they do that activity,  I responded on May day. I was blessed with having my mom for my mom.