For You Who Are Interested In How Aryan Men View The Judin Hermphrodrite Sadomaschmists And How We View Are Racial Aryan Brother Men 

It is Biblically based, Aryan men sense a deep disgusting natural sense against the Judin hermphrodrite rat „men,“ the disgusting feeling has to do with the curse of their degenerate existence from which God has cursed the Judin hermphrodite „men“ with, the feeling is similar to the poison of a rattle snake but because of the degenerate nature of the Judin hermphrodite „men,“ we Aryan men are disgusted of them as the Judin hermphrodrite „men“ physical presence is as severely disgusting as a living dangerous virus of shit, yes, excrement! Because of the deadly shit existence feeling combined with the fact, we do know the Judin hermphrodite „men“ are a legitimate lethal threat to our Aryan race, we are blessed by God of the natural feeling to kill all of the dangerous deadly shit snake virus of the Judin hermphrodite „men.“ The non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodites do know how we feel about are racial Aryan brother, we do exactly view other Aryan men as we view ourselves, their is a strong natural bond of being related simply because we are Aryans, we don’t feel disgusted of each other, we feel very blessed God has given us brothers and brothers is how we view each other, we naturally are very concerned for our racial Aryan brothers, sometimes, more than ourselves, their is a collective sense among Aryan men is an Aryan man is going through hardships, we all feel the same difficulty of that same hardship. Since, it was asked of me, by the Judin hermphrodite sadomaschmists „men“ if I saw myself sexy, I will ask the Judin hermphrodite „men“ a question of the truth of your existence, „do you Judin hermphrodite ‚men‘ comprehend your existence as deadly rats as you symbolize venous shit of snake poison, simply by your physical existence,“ how do you sadomaschmist do desire your god, to state you the truth of your pathetic existence because I do know you have pleasure in your miserable Judin hermphrodite lives!!! There, you, now have your question answered of why, Jehovah created you and, Jehovah communicated by me to give you your collective non sense question of your insanity of not understanding Jehovah’s predestined creation of the universe!