Thursday 20 October 2016: Strictness Of Anti White Racist, Anti Heteorosexuals Non Mankind Inferior Degenerate Hermphrodites

The none sense of the anti heterosexual discrimination based on anti white racism has gotten strict in the herd mentality of the non mankind inferior degenerate hermphrodite sadomaschists around the Bellingham area, this non sense junk is ironic because, now I know of the slight chance of the sexual assault, again, at the Friendship House at Mount Vernon, Washington, and because the only shelter option at Bellingham, is the Lighthouse Mission, it appears, for the short term, I would have to spend the entire nights, outdoors at the Bellingham marina. There are about two, other shelters around Bellingham but it is unlikely, I will stay at those shelters, but still, I will try the local resources at Bellingham such as the Rainbow Center and that other social organization at Bellingham, but I very much dislike the Judin feminist extremists at the social organization, to aid, victims of sexual crimes. Knowing the facts of the high likelihood of the repeat of sexual assaults, I would rather spend the night at the Bellingham marina, and it is not too bad at the marina; the marina had protection from weather precipitation, I can charge my cellphone, whenever I may, and because the marina had free WiFi, whenever, WiFi is available, I can use social media.