I Am Reading „Bei unbefannten Helden see Urbeit“

I have read a few pages of the chapter of „Bei unbefannten Helden der Urbeit“ in the book „Lebensbiler“ the description of being over the day, is the same as I feel for Katharina Schuttler during the times I masturbate and at times during normal activities whenever I hear Katharina Schuttler talk to me. The female arousal of the male testicles is what my mom told me, females find very attractive but my mom only mentioned the penis itself, it arousal is similar to seeing the wipe hips of a female such as Katharina Schuttler, because I sense a gentle caring loveness of her birth chamber. The rest I have read so, far, is Biblically based of being naturally frustrated arousal both males and females has a different type of being naturally sexually frustrated, and the part of where I ended for the time being, is the lineage of my maternal Grandfather Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun to live forever and to will be a judge.