Wednesday 12 October 2016: This Time Katharina Schuttler Encourage Me Masturbate, I Haven’t Felt So Free In A Long Time

I enjoyed a masturbation session with Katharina Schuttler and she verbally encouraged me and I had more of a feeling of being physically with her and I felt free, plus the stress I experienced has deminish much, I have emotionally progressed beyond the panicky overwhelming and I noticed breathing out loud significantly deminish the emotional strain but also gives the entire body in a state of arousal, I have strange symptom of lasting arousal such as twinkling red hand palms and flesh warm face, as if I were in a state of constant sexual arousal. I had a new experience with this recent masturbation which occurred within 15 minutes after I masturbate and it feelings lasted for about 10 minutes, I first, I experienced an intense joy with happiness as if were to cry, then a very slight sense of shock, then a few seconds of panic but the panic didn’t feel scary it just felt overwhelming with happiness, then I felt very sleepy.